Q & A 23

Refusal of violence and Forgiveness in the three steps *

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 13 February 2017

In the answer to the question 'Recovering after an energy intervention' from 29 November 2015, we were indirectly given information on another way of draining the energy of the light beings – those people who are predominantly or entirely in the Light network of the planet:

If someone who is in the Light network, hurts a representative of any network of the illusion, and this representative preserves his state of harmony, the energy for his recovery will be taken from the person who caused that, i.e. the person who is in the network of Light. If that person lacks enough energy, then the energy will be taken consequently from the members of his family, kin and nation who are also in the network of Light and eventually from all people in incarnation who are in the network of Light.

Question: If a person makes a mistake and hurts a representative of any of the networks of the illusion, but he remains calm, is this dangerous for us and how can we protect ourselves – is there anything that we can do and is good to undertake?

Answer: Yes, if it happens that you do so, there is a danger that you lose quite a lot of good karma.

For this reason, you have repeatedly been advised from Above for refusal of violence against anyone or anything, regardless of how much someone from the forces of the illusion tries to provoke you to apply/use violence in any form or under any pretext.

You have been told what is good to do: first – be equal; second – be with acceptance, without any condemnation whatsoever, and third – forgive everything in the following three steps by saying:

1) Lord, dear Father One, I ........ (the first name),
forgive ......... (the name of the person that sinned) all the harm that he causes.
I also forgive all the forces of the illusion who prompted him/her to do that harm.
I also forgive their helpers from whichever network they are,
and I forgive their creators.
I forgive all of them with all my heart and Soul!

2) Forgive them, too, dear Father One.

3) I thank You, dear Father One, with all my heart and soul!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

If something has happened, then it should be so, that was allowed from Above, and it is the best for the moment. By living in this illusory material world, a man must learn to move along the line of the least resistance, preserving his Divine energy and observing the Divine Commandments and Laws!

I AM Presence of the One



* The question and its answer are related to the answers of questions 'Recovering after an energy intervention' from 29 November 2015 and 'Karmic purity protects' from 14 February 2017.