Q & A 24

Karmic purity protects

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 14 February 2017


With regards to the answers to questions 'Recovering after an energy intervention' on 29 November 2015 and 'Refusal of violence and Forgiveness in the three steps' on 13 February 2017, one more question has arisen.

Question: We already know that if a representative of the Light network hurts a representative of one of the networks of the illusion and the latter remains in peace and harmony, some energy is taken from the erring person from the Light network. And if he lacks enough energy, the rest is taken consequently from the energy of the members of his family, his relatives, fellow citizens, fellow countrymen, wherever they are located around the world, from all people on the planet who are also in the network of Light. How can we protect ourselves from such an energy drain caused by the wrong choices and actions of other Beings of Light, who are specifically provoked to sin by the forces of the illusion?

Answer: A very good question.

You need to achieve the maximum karmic purity, without creating new negative karma, because good karma is taken from those souls who have that kind of karma, regardless of the level in the sequence for taking that energy.

Therefore, if a person is karmically pure, without a burden of that kind, it is impossible to take his good karma for payment of a sin of that kind, committed by someone else from his network. But if the same network lacks a person with that kind of karmic burden, then it is taken from the common energy reserve of that network, and the effect can be felt by all its members if more energy is drained.

All of you are connected on the field level. If someone sins, this is at his own expense, but it may turn out that it is also at the expense of many of his close souls or all representatives of the respective energy network. That is why you have been told that in these accelerated transitional times each person who is in the network of Light is responsible both for himself and for the entire Living Life as well!

I AM Presence of the One