Q & A 5


16 February 2017

In the days around the Winter Solstice in December 2016 I asked Presence of the One the following question:

Is sungazing safe at present? Because even while the sun is rising, I feel that it shines very strongly and I feel discomfort, quite different from before?

Answer: It is now dangerous to sungaze.

This information needs to be published on the website and placed in the text of the meeting which was held in the vicinity of Burgas in 2012.

All that was very useful and advisable to do in previous years in regards to sungazing during the sunrise is already harmful. The time for implementation of this recommendation is over.

You know that the times during a transition are changing faster and faster, the time in which you are currently living is getting shorter, and the living conditions on the planet are changing. You are already living in these accelerated times of changes when the instructions are given for an exactly specific period during which it is very precious to follow them precisely and in fullness because once the time for their implementation expires, it is meaningless or even harmful to continue their implementation.

Every Living man who comes to the UNIFICATION website and follows its news has the chance to tune and feel well if he lives synchronously with the occurring changes, which are announced in due time.

The danger of sungazing comes from different sides, and the outcome is always very harmful:

1) The radiation of the Sun is already different and will become more and more dangerous in the future. The time has come when if people want to be healthy, they should avoid being exposed to the sun and should have their skin covered (i.e. with long pants for men and long dresses for women, with long sleeves and hats or headscarves to protect the skin of the face and the hair. This is in the first place.

2) If a person fails to cover him/herself well while sungazing and during the sungazing opens to God while thanking Beloved Helios, to God and the Father, under certain conditions, there is a danger of losing his/her purity (see Five Rules-Guidelines on the Protection of Purity).

3) Even if a person has covered him/herself well and only the eyes are uncovered while sungazing, the changed radiation of the sun is harmful to the eyesight and can damage it.

Therefore, you are without the need to search for a place and opportunities for sungazing.

The needs of the moment are already different:

1) One should repent with all his heart and soul before the Lord and before God for all sins made in all the times;

2) One should forgive everyone everything that they have done wrong, with all his heart and soul, and ask the Lord to forgive them as well, and thank the Lord with all his heart and soul;

3) One should live in observance of the Lord's Commandments and Laws.

Also, it is very good for everybody to walk in nature early in the morning and receive the prana by inhaling deeply while being in a state of quiet inner joy. Then, stop exactly during the sunrise, to cover himself and pronounce the invocation to Beloved Helios, and also thank the Lord and God for everything the way it is, and ask for help from Above during the day so that his thoughts, feelings, words and deeds can give good fruit into and for the network of Light on the planet Earth.

I AM Presence of the One