Q & A 25

Mentioning representatives of the illusion

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 16 February 2017

Question: Is there a way for a person who is in the Light network to be able to fully preserve his/her energy when during a conversation he/she says the name of a person (or a company, or an institution) that is a representative of any of the networks of the illusion? It turned out that even if one avoids pronouncing the name of that person (company or institution) that is in one of the networks of the illusion, sometimes this isn’t enough as even by directing his/her thoughts and feelings at such people, companies or institutions, a person connects to them energetically and may lose some of his/her Divine energy, which would go into the respective network of the illusion.

Answer: Yes, there is a way – to do that without directing his/her thoughts and feelings towards that person, company or institution, to remain equal and only to communicate the fact that he/she has to mention associated with that name. Then, the person should immediately change the topic to one that would require thinking, and start working on something that would get his/her full attention.

I AM Presence of the One