Q & A 27

Liberation from illusory desires and thoughts

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 17 February 2017

Question: What are the cause and the root cause for a person to suddenly have the desire to eat something totally uncommon for him to this point and harmful for the health of his physical body or to have a strong desire to do something that is harmful to his soul and creates negative karma? What is the best thing to do from the Lord's point of view at such a moment in order to stop the illusory interference over him?

Answer: A person should keep in mind that, due to a karmic burden, when the time comes for a certain type of his negative karma to be transformed, representatives of one of the networks of the illusion can interfere with him. This is the cause – the intervention of the illusion. The root cause is the karma that comes out at this moment to be worked off.

Therefore, it is best for a person to behave consciously with regards to his desires and preferences, and to start asking him/herself where each of these comes from – whether from his/her Higher I AM Presence or from any of the networks of the illusion. This may become a rescue for both the person’s soul and the health of his/her physical body. Then the person should say:

This desire of mine to do ....... (describe that desire) is an illusion!
My Lord and God, liberate me from it,
for which I thank you with all my heart and soul!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
May all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!

This can also be done with regard to the illusory thoughts which belong to someone else if such appear. Then the beginning of the invocation is like this:

This thought of mine about ...... (describe that thought) is an illusion!

This can be done by every person.

I AM Presence of the One