Q & A 29

Consent to exit from incarnation

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 18 February 2017

Question: If a person gives his/her consent to leave his incarnation, does that given consent then become a condition for this person to be attacked by the forces of the illusion exactly for that purpose – to take him out of incarnation? As sometimes, when a person faces some difficulties, sorrow, misery in life, he may say, without even meaning it, that he wants to die.

For instance, if a child has made the transition, one of the child’s parents or grandparents may say, 'Lord, you’d better have taken me instead of my child/grandchild'.

Or when the spouses live together happily for many years, if one makes the transition, the other one may say or think that it is meaningless for him to continue to live alone. In such cases, one may notice that quite often the other spouse also makes the transition very quickly.

Sometimes, if a person lacks sufficient consciousness, when he complains to someone about his situation, the person may say that his life is hard and he lacks the desire to live anymore without actually having such an intention. Soon after that when various 'incidents' start happening to this person one after the other, he begins to pray to be helped from Above so that he may continue his current life.

When a person has wished to exit from incarnation, regardless of the reason and regardless of whether he really wanted that or was without such an intention, may this wish be cancelled? And what is the best thing to do from the Lord's point of view?


When someone gives his consent by saying that he wants to exit from incarnation, that activates the respective program in his subtle bodies and this kind of energy attracts the forces of the illusion to do what is necessary so that the wish is realised and they can take away as much energy as possible by doing that. Since the person has asked for such a thing and someone 'comes to help' him to realise his wish, this work has to be paid, and it is paid for with his energy!

In this case, if the person exits from incarnation, his Soul has quite large energy losses, and reduced potential and possibility to elevate to the Higher octaves. Also, the person’s Soul is quite burdened with karma for a number of reasons: because the person has ignored God’s Plan and Providence for him, he has failed to fulfil the mission of his current incarnation and has invested a great part of his Divine energy into the illusion because this kind of 'services' is quite expensive.

When the execution of such a program created by the person starts for him, and in the meantime, he has forgotten what he has wished for himself in a difficult moment, the person is horrified that he is ill and is departing his life, or that these very dangerous things are happening only to him.

When a person expresses such a wish in a moment of weakness and considerable difficulties (in his opinion), this is as if he has hired an assassin to kill him, regardless of whether he would change his mind later, and promised the assassin a huge reward if he succeeds in his job, even though the person would be trying to escape him in every possible way and to block the execution of his task!

The only salvation for the person, in this case, is to pay much more to someone else who can stop the first hired assassin, right? Someone who is powerful enough and respected so that his word is powerful enough and is respected by the first hired assassin. And this more powerful one would pay whatever and however he decides to the first assassin for his labour so far and tell him to stop and to forget about this task.

It is very similar in the spiritual world – on the subtle plane.

If a person has wished to exit prematurely from incarnation and the forces of the illusion have rushed to execute the requested order so that they get the reward – as much of this person’s Divine energy as possible, and that person changed his mind, he needs to turn for help to Me – Presence of the One, by repenting sincerely, strongly, repeatedly, with all his heart and soul and accept some commitment for a specific work in Spirituality dedicated to Me and perform this work as long as necessary, until he pays off the energy to those who have taken the task to take him out of incarnation.

This happens at My discretion and with my permission – how long it will last, and it depends on the person's determination and the strength of his repentance towards Me. It also depends on whether and how much better he will become after what has happened to him when he remains alive. Because if a person then leaves God’s way, something may very quickly happen to him, as if he sins and disobeys My Commandments and Laws, how should I AM Presence of the One intercede for him? If that happens, at that moment the forces of the illusion start their task again with even greater vigour.

I AM Presence of the One