Q & A 33

0:00 o'clock

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 21 February 2017

Question: What does it mean for a person to see 0:00 o’clock on the watch display, on the PC screen, on the display of one’s mobile, etc.? A symbol of what is the zero?

Answer: The zero is a symbol of emptiness, the empty space full of possibilities. The zero is also a symbol of the eternal cycle, the origin of each beginning, the reaching of each end and the returning to the primary source for a new beginning.

To see 0:00 o’clock is a very good thing – a sacred hour – the starting point for a new beginning and new opportunities. It is a time for one to turn to the Lord and God, to thank them warmly for what is given and started afterwards and to be silent for the rest of this minute.

The number '0' is everything and nothing. I AM Presence of the One am there and this whole universe as well.

I AM Presence of the One