Q & A 35


A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 23 February 2017


Question: What are moles, and is it good from the Lord's point of view to remove them through a surgical operation or in any other way?

Answer: For all people, moles are an external manifestation of some type of karma, and they are like stoppers for it. When there is a mole, there is some kind of karma that is blocked. And when the mole becomes active, and something begins to happen to it – it becomes itchy, starts to hurt, to lacerate, or to grow, or more moles of the same kind appear – all that means that this type of karma has been activated and comes out to be worked off. The person may have created this karma in any of his/her previous incarnations or in a series of incarnations, including the current one, if there are more moles of the same type.

If this karma results from violence and murder, the mole may begin to lacerate.

If this karma results from causing pain to other people or generally to the Living Life – the mole starts to hurt.

If this karma results from decapitating a person, something may cut the mole, or the base of the mole may partially rupture.

If the karma results from the burning of something Alive, the mole may be burning – it may create a burning sensation.

If this kind of karma increases, the mole grows. And the karma increases if the person condemns what is happening to him at that moment in his life, and it is happening to him in order to transform the same karma as it has been activated, and the time has come for it to be worked off.

If a person makes mistakes that increase this kind of karma, the moles multiply and their number increases.

If a person has different types of moles, this means that he has different kinds of karma for working off belonging to the main types of sins, without a strict definition exactly which kind of mole represents which type of sin. This may be different for every person.

If a person decides to remove his moles through a surgical operation, he deprives himself of these stoppers on the material plane, and the karma that the mole was stopping, comes out uncontrollably to be worked off. For this reason, people have noticed that when a person causes something bad to his moles, afterwards something bad happens to him. This is where the story comes from, which says that if one wants to be healthy and well, he must completely refrain from touching his moles! That is quite right as moles have a very important role/job/function.

If a mole becomes active, a person must begin very serious repentance towards God and the Father. He should also start forgiving all sins from all times to all his karmic partners. He should start repenting towards all men in his present life, then to all men in all his lives, then to all women, to his nation, etc.

When a particular kind of karma is cleansed, the mole that is associated with it will calm down, subside, stop growing, lacerating, itching, hurting, burning, or pinching, etc.

I AM Presence of the One