Q & A 63

Reaching a certain threshold of the percentages of the worked-off karma

Questions and their answers given by Presence of the One on 24 February 2017 and 1 March 2017


Question: We already know that the process of working off the karma passes through several threshold levels or stages, and it happens when one reaches, for example, 25%, 50%, 75%, 90%, 95% and 98%, and that these threshold levels are different for the different types of karma which are worked-off. The question is:

When the percentage of the worked-off karma reaches one of these threshold levels, for example 75%, regardless of the kind of the karma and towards whom it is, what happens as a result of that in a person’s life? The same question applies for reaching all the other threshold levels – 25%, 50%, 90%, 95% and 98%?

Answer: When that type of karma becomes active for working off, a certain kind of forces of the illusion from the respective networks are activated to influence the person who has a karmic bond with representatives of these networks.

As a result, a person's life goes from one level of difficulty to the next one.

After achieving, for example, 75% of worked-off karma, which is ¾ of the total amount of accumulated karma, the person gets better protection since at that level, or at any other level of worked-off karma, a certain class/group of beings from the networks of the illusion that can interfere and harm him are excluded.

Upon reaching the higher threshold levels of percentages of worked-off karma, for example 90%, a person may feel that it is easier for him than before because at the level of 90% worked-off karma there is a ban on unrestricted access for most of the representatives of the forces of the illusion to him (to the respective person), that is the access to the 4 lower bodies of the person is partially limited, and after achieving 95%, it is even more limited.

Upon reaching 98%, the access of the forces of the illusion to the person is stopped, but that person can take the same kind of karma from his close ones to help them. However, that may be dangerous if the person makes a mistake to condemn someone who has that kind of karma because then he creates new karma of the same kind for himself. He burdens himself with karma of the same kind, of which he has left 2%. So, be without condemnation to anyone!


Question: What is the best thing from the Lord's point of view for a person to undertake in order to pass as safely as possible through the appropriate threshold levels and interaction with the various kinds of forces of the illusion, and get the greatest benefit to himself?

Answer: It is best to forgive them with all his heart and soul through the Forgiveness in 3 steps, having first repented before Me – Presence of the One through the Repentance in 3 steps.

I AM Presence of the One