Q & A 36

When are moles itchy?

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 25 February 2017


Question: If moles are itchy, what does that mean?

Answer: This means that these moles have appeared due to taking someone else's karma. When they are itchy, this foreign karma comes out / opens at that moment to be worked off by the person it originates from, and at the same time, it is also accessible for working off by the person who has taken part of it for whatever reasons.

In this way, the moles say that the time has come for general repentance towards your Heavenly Father Lord Alpha or towards Me – Presence of the One, for all sins from all times, by carrying out the Spiritual practice of the 12 bows, but with the following text:


1. While the person is bowing towards the ground:

'Lord, I repent for everything that I ......... (the first name) have sinned in all times.
Lord, I repent with all my heart and Soul for everything that has been sinned in all times by everyone whose karma I have taken.'


2. While the person is rising:

'Lord, forgive to me ......... (the first name) and all these Souls, all the sins whose time has come now to be transformed and forgiven, if such is Your Holy Will, and I Thank You, Lord, with all my heart and Soul, for the forgiveness and for the help!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!'


3. While the person is raising his arms upward, he utters with all his heart and Soul:

'I Love You, dear Heavenly Father!'


'I Love You, Dear Father One!'

as his heart commands.

I AM Presence of the One