Q & A 37

When does a person take others’ karma

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 28 February 2017


Question: The text in question and answer 'When are moles itchy' says, '... these moles have appeared due to taking someone else's karma. When they are itchy, this foreign karma comes out at that moment to be worked off by the person it originates from, and at the same time, it is also accessible for working off by the person who has taken part of it for whatever reasons.' The question is: What are the causes for taking somebody else’s karma?

Answer: The causes could be the following:
blue-dotA person takes some karma from somebody close at his own will to help this other person in a difficult moment.
blue-dotA person takes some karma from somebody close without knowing it in his external consciousness, by the decision of his Higher I AM Presence.
blue-dotA person takes some karma from a karmic partner of his towards whom he has a karmic debt for something completely different – a completely different kind of karma. In this case, some sort of interception occurs. By taking some karma that is currently coming out in his karmic partner for working off, by helping him with something small, even though he may feel this was a bit of a burden, thus, he actually transmutes much more of his karma through the good karma that he is currently earning by helping that other person to whom he is in debt before the time has come to work off his own karma towards his karmic partner. That is also done automatically, or through his Higher I AM Presence.
blue-dotA person takes some karma from the members of a group for work in spirituality if he belongs to such, in the same way, they take some of his karma to help each other. Then, through God’s multiplication and the Lord's multiplication (of energy), much more negative karma is worked off with ease and much faster than any of them could work off and free himself from his negative karma even if he carries out spiritual practices for 24 hours every day. This taking of karma from members of the group also happens automatically, on the principle of the fluid level in connected vessels. That has always been the case in every church when people gather in the temple together to pray during the service. And that was very good, it was allowed from Above; that was the meaning and purpose of group spiritual practices. The karma working off rate had an entirely different order of magnitude in previous times when a person prayed in a group for the benefit of the Living Life!

But this only applies to the past times. Now that the planet has more and more representatives of the new network of the illusion, as the number of people who lose their purity increases, the recommendation is that everyone caries out his spiritual practice alone and indoors without the possibility of anyone else disturbing him at that time. And the performing of a group spiritual practice is permissible only if the people participating in it are pure and are in the Light network. This requires that there is a Master among them who is clairvoyant (literally: has a clear vision) and can find out if someone in the group eventually loses his purity and to take the necessary measures for the protection of everyone else in the group by asking him to leave.
blue-dotA person takes some karma from someone who he condemns. This also happens automatically. He takes on that kind of karma that provokes the other one to act in a certain way, which he has condemned. Then, he himself begins to act in the same/similar/comparable way, due to exactly the same kind of karma that he took from the other person when he condemned him.
blue-dotA person takes some karma from someone who he has taken pity on because this is a kind of condemnation towards the Lord and God who have allowed the person to be in such a situation, which is actually the best for his Soul because in this way the greatest amount of karma is transformed and because otherwise, that person would be very dangerous to others if he is in perfect condition! His miserable state is Life-saving both for himself and for all the surrounding people, including even those who only pass by him!
blue-dotA person takes some karma from someone who he blames because this is like blaming the Lord and God. Consequently, he is burdened with a lot of karma in this way. Regardless of whether his blaming is fair or unfair, the effect is the same. That is why Jesus said that the one who is without sin might cast a stone at the sinner. In this way, He warned them – he warned the entire nation on the subtle plane!

This nation, however, failed to take advantage of the warning. For this very reason, the Jewish people have been without a state system for two millennia, persecuted and accused. Jesus came to help the human civilisation of this planet. To be able to come into incarnation at all, He took some karma from this humankind, and it was actually quite a lot, and when this nation blamed him and crucified him, it took a great amount of this humankind’s karma for working off! Quite a heavy package, as one can see even now! And they still fail to repent and to ask Me for forgiveness for that! Therefore, they will need to continue to work off this karma in a much more difficult and prolonged way. And whoever takes pity on them will also get this karma.

That is why I told you: Be equal and accept everything as it is because there are both a cause and a root cause for everything!

A person acts in a certain way because of a karmic burden, and instead of being blamed, he needs to be forgiven by using Forgiveness in the three steps (see in question and answer: 'Refusal of violence and Forgiveness in the three steps'). That helps everyone – the one who has done wrong, the one to whom this wrong is directed, and those who watch on the side if they refrain from blaming the one who has done wrong.
blue-dotOther reasons – a person may take karma for a number of various reasons and from different levels – personal karma, family karma, karma from the citizens of the settlement where he lives, karma from the religion that he professes, karma from the employer, karma from the colleagues, national karma, the whole humankind’s karma, etc., including karma from karmically burdened places, buildings that he or she visits or inhabits, etc.

I AM Presence of the One