Q & A 38

The moment when the karma comes out to be worked off

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 28 February 2017


Question: What is the moment when karma comes out and it is already available to be worked off, but it hasn’t manifested itself in life yet? Does that mean that at this moment we can get rid of future troubles with relatively little effort and how?

Answer: Yes, this is exactly what it means, and the moment with the itchy moles is a Gift given to you. When a mole starts itching:

1st – immediately repent before the Lord and do the Spiritual practice of the 12 bows (see in question and answer 'When are moles itchy') for general forgiveness for everything sinned in all times that comes out to be worked off at that moment.

And 2nd – Carry out the Practice of Forgiveness in 3 steps (see in question and answer 'Refusal of violence')

Forgive all those who have created the karma that becomes available for working off at this point, regardless of which network they belong to, including the Light network, and regardless of who they are, including yourself!

I AM Presence of the One