Q & A 39

Singing and whistling with a mouth while travelling

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 1 March 2017


Question: Is it good from the Lord's point of view to sing or whistle melodies of songs while travelling on a highway or on other asphalt roads which have domes above them?

Answer: Yes, it is good to whistle melodies with your mouth if the melody is your own composition, without lyrics of a song to it. If a song is sung, it is also good for the lyrics to be your creation, the words to be playful, such that lead to the appearance of joy, smile, light humour and, most importantly, without provoking opening to God.

The lyrics of the song may refer to something from the life in the material world – referring to the daily routine, animals, etc.

Ideally, the melody should be joyful, one that quickly wakes a person up if he is sleepy while travelling, but without elevating him in energy to avoid opening to God.

Only then, a person may sing or whistle with a mouth while travelling, and this is good.

However, if a person whistles with his mouth the melody of a song from the UNIFICATION website, and simultaneously he has the lyrics of the song in his mind and starts increasing his vibration and energy, that may lead to his opening to God, which is dangerous while travelling if the person is without a cover over his head.

I AM Presence of the One