Q & A 48

When is the practice 'Forgiveness' executed with good quality

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 7 March 2017


Question: How can a person know whether the practice Forgiveness in the three steps has been carried out with good quality?

Answer: This, as well as any other practice of forgiveness, is executed with good quality if the person feels a burst of energy within himself after carrying it out. The longer time this energy comes and flows through him, and the bigger the volume and quantity of this energy, the better the practice of forgiveness was carried out.

If a person manages to forgive sincerely, it is good. If he does it with the feeling of Divine Love towards the person/people whom he is forgiving and asks the Lord to forgive him/them as well, then the multiplication of the energy that is taken from the corresponding network of the illusion or from its creator in order to compensate this person for the losses with interest, is of entirely different magnitude.

The interest is even greater, one degree/order of magnitude higher, if as soon as something happens to that person, before the practice of forgiveness he:
1) sincerely repents before Me and
2) asks Me for forgiveness of everything that he has sinned in all times that lead him to that state and
3) thanks Me.

Then he should perform the three steps of forgiveness with all his heart and soul.

If the practice Forgiveness in the three steps is carried out this way, the person enters Joy, his soul feels relief and enters the state of Peace and Tranquillity.

So, one can exactly assess how well he has performed and feel the effect of the practice Forgiveness in the three steps after carrying it out.

I AM Presence of the One