Q & A 42

What happens when a member of a group passes into the network of the darkness, even though temporarily

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 12 March 2017


Question: What is the reason that sometimes causes one or more members of a group of people – for work in spirituality, in a family or at work, to start misbehaving with the others or with some of them, for instance by being mordant, rude, etc.?

Answer: When one of the members of a group/team/community becomes possessed by the darkness and passes into the network of the darkness, even though temporarily, the weaker members of this community will follow him very easily. That is because the reaction of the forces of the illusion against them increases in order to remove them from the network of Light because it is easier to achieve this at such a moment. And then, they may remain in the darkness for a longer time, and it may be harder for them to return to the network of Light.

I AM Presence of the One