Q & A 43

Success achieved through the methods of the networks of the illusion

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 12 March 2017


Question: What is the reason for something recommended from Above that a person was unsuccessfully trying to achieve for a long time to be achieved successfully after the person has entered the network of the darkness and used its methods?

Answer: That is because the success has been achieved with the power of the network of the darkness. Then the counteraction stops because it is impossible to gain Divine qualities when a person is in the illusion, uses its methods and achieves success. Such success is illusory and is, in fact, the biggest failure. However, if a person repents and wakes up, the failure may turn into a great success.



Dear Father One, is it wrong from Your point of view to act this way?

And is it justifiable from the Lord's point of view for a person to enter the network of the darkness and by using the methods of the network of the darkness to ensure the achievement of the recommendations given to him from Above if it is apparent that he is failing each consecutive trial, and his success rate is very low?


Yes, it is wrong to use the methods of the illusion.

You are absolutely without permission on My part to do that. The true and most precious success for each Light, Living person is to succeed in the fulfilment of the recommendations from Above by using only the methods of Light! The person should elevate himself in the Light network, become stronger and cleanse himself karmically so much that he can easily fulfil each recommendation of Mine, and every counteraction melts in front of his face, Zeal, Faith, and God’s Will in him! The success achieved in this way is a real success!

I AM Presence of the One