Q & A 52

A treat against one’s will

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 12 March 2017


Question: Is it a mistake and is it harmful if we accept a treat against our will, after we have initially refused, but the person in front of us continues to insist on giving us a treat, and we are unable to refuse explicitly because he is, for example, an influential person? Besides, we were unprepared to give him something in return immediately. What is the best thing to do from the Lord's point of view in this situation?

Answer: If you initially refused, but then you accepted the treat because the person continued to insist, this is without mistake. The more important thing, in this case, is to be without condemnation and counteraction to that person.

The best thing afterwards is to do the following as soon as possible:
blue-dotRepentance in the three steps towards Me – Presence of the One,
blue-dotForgiveness in the three steps towards that person, and
blue-dotblessing that person.

You may bless him, for instance, all his thoughts, feelings, words and deeds from now on to be good-fruitful for the network of Light on the planet Earth and within that network. This blessing is your treat for him coming from the network of Light, as a response to his gift that comes from the illusion, regardless of whether he wants to receive your treat or not after he has refused to comply with your refusal to accept his treat, which is harmful to you.

I AM Presence of the One