Q & A 44

What should be done when someone feels something wrong
while performing the Spiritual practice 'Forgiveness'

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 14 March 2017


Question: What is the best thing that a person should do from the Lord’s point of view when he/she feels something wrong while doing virtual forgiveness with someone?

Answer: I am glad that some people carefully observe what is happening and ask questions in order to know what is going on and to be able to protect themselves in the future.

In such moments, it is best to interrupt immediately any work in spirituality, and to ask for help from Above to correct the situation, regardless of what happened and regardless of what the cause and the root cause are.

In the case when the Spiritual practice 'Forgiveness' is performed virtually, regardless of which version – 'Forgiveness with your Fellow Man' or 'Forgiveness with the others', if a person feels in discomfort or unwell somehow, the next time he needs to practice forgiveness with the same person, he should do the Spiritual practice 'Forgiveness in the three steps' instead.

I AM Presence of the One