Q & A 47

5 + 1 most important conditions for recuperation, return to life
and gradual to full recovery

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 14 March 2017


Question: When does a recovery happen after a severe illness or after an accident? What does the person need to do and what is the best thing to do to recover?

Answer: If a person has been ill for a long time or has been injured in an accident of some kind, after he has repented enough in order to transform the karma which was the root cause of the illness or the accident, or the person has worked off that karma almost completely through all kind of pain and suffering, then comes the time for the start of the healing and recuperation process.

If the illness was really severe, then there will be a long recovery period of returning to life. The recuperation must be slow and little by little so that the physical temple withstands the load.

There are 5 + 1 most important conditions for this recovery and returning to Life in good health of Spirit, Soul and body, and the gradual to full recovery of the physical body:

The first most important condition is that the person falls asleep in the evening during the sunset the latest, without exception.

Then the angels-healers of Archangel Raphael have the time they need until midnight to work on the four lower bodies of the person for their gradual renewal and healing.

(Note from Rositsa Avela: The angels-healers work on the healing of the human bodies until midnight, according to the astronomical time (universal time). Therefore, during the summer time (daylight saving time) the work of the angel-healers for the healing of people lasts until 1 o'clock in the morning.)

The second most important condition is that the person is always upright as much as possible during the day, with the spine straight, even if painful, while sitting and walking so that the energy set aside for his healing can flow through his main energy axis during the day and feed all energy centres – the chakras, in order to strengthen the health that the angels worked on during the night while he was sleeping.

The third most important condition is that the person moves and walks, when that becomes possible, every day outside in the yard, and possibly outside the estate along the road. And his walks should become longer, and he should get further day after day by gradually, slowly and steadily increasing the walking distance.

The fourth most important condition is that the person is always kind, smiling, radiant, in Joy, with the greatest gratitude towards Me, and with the purest Divine Love to Me and to all the Beings of Light from the Hierarchy of Light who have taken the responsibility to help him.

The fifth most important condition is the singing of the songs from the UNIFICATION website* for those who know them or singing of songs whose text helps the Soul to elevate itself to the Higher Heavenly spheres and whose melody makes a person's Soul feel light and joyful.
The singing of these songs is the fastest connection of a man with the Higher Octaves and is also being in the state of purest Joy and Divine Love, along with all the heavenly angels who are singing the songs with him. That leads to a multiplication of Joy and Divine Love, which is extremely important for the healing, recovery and rejuvenation, as the process of recovery is accompanied by a process of regeneration at the cellular level of the physical body – a renewal of all cells which form the tissues, organs and systems, which means that a complete renovation is carried out.
There is one more thing I want to say about singing – it is an extremely important condition for a good and quality recovery as it is a catalyst for the recovery and healing processes. Singing intensifies the effects of these processes many times and increases the immunity and the natural protective powers. The immunity and the natural protective powers at all levels of all lower bodies increase many times.

If at least 98% of any type of karma that a person has is worked off (for some types of karma at least 99% needs to be worked off), and the time has come to work off the rest of it, such a recuperation program starts for that person, as long as he has the necessary energy resource/reserve for this.

For this process to succeed, these five conditions must be satisfied.

Each of these five conditions is very important, and the poor implementation or total neglect of any of them leads to the restraint of the recovery and curing processes.

If two or more of these conditions are ignored, or all of them are poorly implemented, these processes may even cease due to the lack of the prerequisites for their execution.

There is one more condition that supports the general process of salvation, healing, and recovery, thus helping to fulfil all these five conditions. This is the drinking of water. Drinking more water helps at the physical level to take away from the physical body all that is negative and all the toxins.

If the water is drunk as herbal tea, its strength increases, as long as plain water is used.

Living Water has its own great Power without adding anything to its content.

You understand what an important thing I am telling you, don’t you?

I bless you, My dear children, to be successful in fulfilling these 5 + 1 conditions every day!


Question: If the recovery processes are stopped due to the poor implementation of all 5 + 1 conditions or due to the failure in satisfying 2 or more of them, what is to be done to resume the healing and recovery process?

Answer: The person needs to repent before Me sincerely, with all his heart, and to demand, sincerely wish and ask that the healing and recovery process be restored for him. Afterwards, he should be very careful in promptly following these 5 + 1 conditions, which facilitate and accelerate the process of his healing and salvation from the traps of the illusion.

I AM Presence of the One



* Note from Rositsa Avela:

Currently, only the text of these songs is available on the UNIFICATION website, as we were instructed from Above to remove their audio files. The songs are currently being written down in notes which will be published as soon as possible.

The songs are sung with great joy at meetings, which is where the participants learn their melody.