Q & A 49

The practice of Forgiveness with a person who has lost his purity

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 16 March 2017


Question: What happens with the energy, if the Spiritual practice 'Forgiveness with your fellow man' is carried out with a person who has lost his purity? It has been noticed that when performing this Spiritual practice with such people, there is a flow of energy and they participate in it willingly.

Answer: Everything is fine if there is karma for transmuting towards the one who has lost his purity.

For example, A has karma towards B who has already lost his purity. When A carries out the practice Forgiveness with B, A loses energy, but that energy is used for the transformation of his negative karma towards B. The fact that B then gets this energy is without any significance. Even if B had not lost his purity, he would have still got this energy from A because in this way balance is achieved. However, if the karma of A towards B is fully transformed, then if they do the practice Forgiveness again, that would be a waste of energy.

Besides, a person should always be completely covered when carrying out the practice Forgiveness with someone in person if he wants to preserve his purity.

I AM Presence of the One