Q & A 58

Liberation from an external presence in one’s thoughts and feelings

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 8 April 2017

Question: What is best from the Lord's point of view for a person to do to free himself from the harmful influence of beings from the network of the darkness over his thoughts and feelings?

Answer: Every person who is in the network of Light can free himself from the external presence of beings from the network of the darkness in his thoughts and feelings, and remain free from such a presence if he is always in Joy, and whatever happens to him, he immediately does the following:
blue-dotJoyfully thanks Me – Presence of the Father One, and if it is difficult for him to thank Me joyfully, then he should thank Me by saying with all his heart and soul:

Thank You, Lord, for yesterday, today and tomorrow!
Thank You, Lord, for all that is happening to me!
Thank You, Lord, for everything now!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

blue-dotRepents before Me using 'The Repentance in the three steps' and
blue-dotForgives those who are acting in a harmful way against him at that moment by using 'Forgiveness in the three steps'.

And sing more. Sing joyfully! Sing to Me, Presence of the One and devote your songs to Me!

I AM Presence of the One