Q & A 67

Holes in clothes, bedding and carpets

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 8 May 2017

Question: Is there a connection between the fact that the rug on the floor has a hole in the part which is underneath the bed and the person who lies and sleeps on that bed has become ill?

Is there anything we should be careful with from now on with regards to that?

Answer: Yes, there is a connection. Be careful in the future and once you see a hole, stitch/patch it up as soon as you can. Or place a good rug under the bed, table, chair and other items which you sit or lie down on, and sell the old and damaged ones at a low price or burn them.

The same applies to the clothes that a person wears if he wants to keep his aura intact, be healthy and able to work. Because if there is a hole or holes in his clothes, bedding or the rug in the place under which a person stands, sits or lies and sleeps, that makes him more vulnerable, and if he falls in any state of negativity, then his aura can be punctured more easily, and he would start losing his precious life energy.

I AM Presence of the One