Q & A 65

When does pain and/or illness appear

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 10 May 2017

Question: Can bones and joints hurt/suffer due to drainage of vital energy or presence of negative energy?

Answer: Yes, bones as well as any other organs and systems in the human body which are a weak place, can suffer when there is drainage of vital energy more often. The same effect occurs when a person in the Light network has saturated him/herself with negative energy for a longer time.

Therefore, a person becomes ill either

1) by the prolonged presence of negative energy or by the sudden creation of a sufficiently large negative energy field within him or in his surrounding space,

2) or due to lack of enough vital energy.

Then the ones that become ill suffer long-term illnesses or totally collapse are the organs/systems/tissues which are connected at field level with the respective negativity or which have remained without energy supply due to the exhaustion of the energy from one of the energy centres (chakras). That automatically leads to closing the energy centre to protect the Higher I AM Presence of energy drainage, and also to preserve the integrity of the structure of the Soul.

I AM Presence of the One