Q & A 66

The exact enunciation of the name when requesting help from a close person

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 11 May 2017


Question: When a person asks someone else for help, is it necessary and good from the Lord's point of view to say the name of the person from whom he seeks help?

Answer: Yes, it is necessary and very important to do so. Moreover, it is necessary and very important that the person says out loud and exactly his name and the name of the person he asks for help at the moment when he is asking him for help. The name is a code, and its enunciation allows the person who has been asked to help to do so.

It is necessary to say:

I ......... (the exact first name) demand, sincerely wish and ask you ........ (the exact first name) for help in ............ (say what help is needed).

And it would be very good when the person who has been asked for help, if he agrees to help, to say his own name and the name of the person who is asking him for help by saying:

I ......... (the exact first name) will gladly do my best to help you ........ (the exact first name) in ........ (repeat what help is needed).

Then, both of them should thank each other with all their hearts.


If someone asks others without saying their names just by saying 'Can you help me?' or 'Help me, please.', that is without pronouncing the personal code of the person/people, then anyone from any network may come to 'help' him.

It is good to keep this information in mind in the future and to be very careful what you say because the Word of everyone who is in the Light Network has Power, and it is his responsibility how he uses it and to whom he gives it to use it and waste it.


If anyone thinks that due to the lack of knowledge he has been asking for help without saying his own name and/or the name of the person he was asking for help, he could say the following once:

'Lord, forgive my lack of knowledge so far and all my mistakes. I repent with all my heart and soul!
And help me, Dear Father One, to get help from those who I ask for help here on the material plane when I say my name and their name, for the transformation with the greatest ease, speed and in fullness – at 100%, of my karma that comes out to be worked off at that moment.
Thank You, dear Father One, for the help!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!'

I AM Presence of the One