Guidance by the Most Holy Mother of God given on 12 May 2017


Question: Beloved Most Holy Mother of God, in your ascended state of consciousness, can You move forward and backwards in time, to see the things before they happen and to protect us from them when we ask you for help?

Answer: Yes, I can move forward and backwards in time to see and hear there, and I could do everything that is possible at that moment to protect you if there is a Lord’s permission for that.

If I am without such permission, I am silent, quietly stand beside you, pray for you and bless you to be able to cope with the situation you have got yourself into in previous times and pass through it in the best way.

But I can tell you right away that the Father Presence of the One always tells you very precisely what to do in order to get the best concurrence of the circumstances for you in your life at each subsequent moment. It is your work, care and responsibility to follow and implement all recommendations very accurately and completely. Then you will be well at all times! Work that off, and you will be protected in the best way.

Otherwise, I can only intervene to some extent and soften the course of events that have already started. However, the care for launching the best from the Lord's point of view events for you at the right time is entirely yours.

I AM the Most Holy Mother of God, with endless Love to you, my Beloved children on this planet with Living and Light Souls.