Q & A 40

Additional questions from readers of the UNIFICATION website with regards to singing in front of other people and personal creativity

Questions and their answers given by Presence of the One on 17 August 2017


Question: As it is currently much safer to sing when one is alone, does the same apply to dancing, writing poems, drawing paintings, etc.?

Answer: Yes, that applies to each kind of creativity
blue-dotwhen the person who is creating at that moment opens to God, which happens naturally,
blue-dotwhen he/she is a being of Light and is in the network of Light,
blue-dotand when he has invoked the Ascended Beings of Light to help him create a Divine pattern.


Question: Is it good to make the fruits of my creative work accessible to other people?

Answer: At present, and in all the following transitional times that are ahead, if the creator is a being of Light, it is best for him to refrain from showing them to the general public if he wants to feel good and be healthy.

It is good to show them only to people who are also in the network of Light and
blue-dotwill be glad when watching or using these works,
blue-dotwill bless the one who created them
blue-dotand will thank all the Forces of Light who have joined him to create this Divine pattern together with him.
This will enhance the creative principle of both the creator and those with whom he shares his works.


Question: How can one understand which network a specific person or some people belong to?

Answer: This is achieved by strengthening:
blue-dotthe Gift for differentiation,
blue-dotthe connection with the Higher I AM Presence and
blue-dotthe connection with the Master on the subtle plane from the Hierarchy of Light.
Until then, it is best for the person to be very careful with everything and everyone.

Because, as Lord Sanat Kumara told you in his Message on 18 July 2014, your task is to save your soul now, in these times, and I AM Presence of the One would add that your task is to save your Soul in all the following transitional times as well!

I AM Presence of the One