Q & A 54

When is falling asleep harmful

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 14 September 2017 with regards to the question and its answer 'A field of harmfulness' from 14 March 2017

Question (received on the website): In which cases is falling asleep harmful and is considered as a counteraction of the forces of the illusion?

Answer: The answer to the question asked is at the beginning of My answer from 14 March: 'Wherever a person goes to work...'.

When a person starts to work, and his wish and intention are to work, but while working he starts to fall asleep, this is an intrusion from the forces of the illusion over him, carried out on the subtle plane.

If a person relaxes and falls asleep at such a moment, it is harmful to him. For he will have done it without the preliminary preparation to elevate his consciousness, without having calmed down his thoughts, without having achieved a state of inner Peace and Tranquility and without having invoked Archangel Michael to help him so that his Soul can be accompanied by the angels of the protection to the High Octaves of Light as soon as he falls asleep.

Then, by falling asleep, even for a very short time, the person finds himself with his subtle lower bodies on the plane that is closest to the physical – the astral one. And usually, his protection is much weaker compared to what he needs when he finds himself surrounded by many astral beings who expect to have a feast with his Divine energy.

In such cases, when a person wakes up, even after a short nap or even sooner than that, he may wake up with a shock, feel burdened, unwell, and even more tired than before falling asleep, and most of all unwilling to work further during the day. Even if he continues his work, it won’t go easy; he will do it forcibly, as part of his duty, instead of doing the work with joy, ease and gratitude!

When a person feels that he is becoming sleepy, the rescue is to get up immediately, to walk around, drink some water and start doing something else, that is, to immediately change the type of labour to a different one. Once he feels completely fresh, he should return to his primary work without any procrastination.

I AM Presence of the One