Q & A 104

Wood nymphs

Questions on the topic 'Wood nymphs' and their answers given by Presence of the One on 25 September 2017, 13 November 2017 and 19 February 2018


Question 1: Dear Father One, wood nymphs are one of the characters in the folk tales. What are they like?

Answer: Wood nymphs are earthly beings, evolving on the planet, on a different plane of Existence.

In ancient times, they could sometimes pass into this material plane when an energy portal was opened during a full moon, and they danced naked in the forest on a meadow near the portal because they lack green grass and trees on their plane due to their karmic burden. So, as they found themselves on this material plane, they rejoiced, sang and danced wildly, and then hurried to get back to their plane, for if one of them remained here, she would die in a few days due to her great karmic burden. They were naked because that was the only way they could come from their world into this world.


Question 2: What does it mean that someone has joined the wood nymphs’ round dance?

Answer: When a man passed by and was enraptured by them, they stripped him naked, he started dancing with them, then had sex with them all and he burdened himself with so much karma that once they left the meadow and that plane, he died shortly afterwards – within a few days or immediately made a quick transition (passed away) while he was still naked. And if that man happened to be less pure karmically, he passed away even during the sex. Because his life potential was lower and they suck his life dry completely.

The wood nymphs were trying to attract men to come to them because they wanted and took their energy, strength and power, their achievements and karmic purity – that is they were cleaned at their expense on the principle of communicating vessels and especially during the sex. That is why when a man happened to be among them, each of them was trying to have sex with him. Yet they remained without any karmic burden if the man had voluntarily come to them and wanted them.


Question 3: Can they come to this world now – in these times, by passing from their dimension to ours?

Answer: They are already without that possibility after all 13 portals have been closed, but even if they had that possibility, they would hardly risk coming and having sex with someone on this plane, while the representatives of the new network of the illusion are present. There is also all sorts of presence on this material plane now, in the transitional times.


Question 4: What are the cause and the root cause only female wood nymphs to come? Do they have men on their plane of Existence?

Answer: That plane is only for women who sinned on the Ray of God’s Love.


Question 5: Dear Father One, in Part 6 of 'Thracians and Jews' (Q&A 99) You said:

'And in this material world now come in incarnation all the souls who are the lowest in energy and vibration, with the highest karmic burden, as they are given the chance to cleanse karmically in an accelerated way, rapidly and as much as possible.

Also, any entities of all networks of the illusion were allowed to come into incarnation in human bodies to cleanse the Heavens, to cleanse all the layers and levels of the subtle plane from their presence there.'

My question is – is there such a cleansing process undergoing in the world of the wood nymphs as well?

Answer: Yes, the world of the wood nymphs began to cleanse as well. Those of them who die in their lower world, having suffered enough there, and thus having been cleansed, come into incarnation on this material plane, in your dimension now.

So, my dear Light children, be without condemnation to anyone, whatever he does! Accept calmly and equally the manifestations of sexual and any other dissipation among the younger generation.

Such times have come. Then, when something happens to them and they suffer or suddenly go out of incarnation, after they have been violating My Commandments and Laws for a long time, instead of being sorry for them, rejoice!

Rejoice that the planet is relieved from their depraved presence and thank Me with all your heart and Soul many times a day for everything that is happening because it is the best for everyone, for all and for the whole Living Life!

I AM Presence of the One