Q & A 62

Forgiveness to yourself in 3 steps

A question in Polish sent to the UNIFICATION website and its answer given by Presence of the One on 6 December 2017


Question: Is it right from the Lord's point of view to perform the Spiritual practice Forgiveness in the three steps towards yourself, for all that a person has sinned?

Answer: My congratulations, a very good question.

Yes, a person may perform Forgiveness in three steps for himself, but only in one case – when the person forgives his own illusory part for everything that it influenced him in a harmful way, because of which he has sinned in his life so far under its influence and under the influence of all its instigators and assistants. The person should also forgive all those instigators and assistants, regardless of which networks of the illusion they belong to, who were helping his illusory part, and who also influenced him in a harmful way every time until he sinned. Also, he/she should forgive the creators of all these instigators and assistants.

I AM Presence of the One