Q & A 73

Reduction of the illusory part

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 2 January 2018


Question: In key moments, when I eat, when I'm in the toilet or when I perform work in spirituality, especially when I read or say a more important text, for example, with a Blessing from Presence of the One, thoughts and feelings of condemnation or another negativity appear with a great intensity in me, and these thoughts are directed at a person or an event. Who does this? Who causes this to me? What do I need to do to stop this interference? I ...... (the name) demand, sincerely wish and ask, dear Father One, for help!

Answer: Yes, the illusory part of that man does that – this is its job – to take away his energy in key moments. And this applies to all people. This is what may happen when the illusory part has access to more energy, that is in all cases when the person opens to God – during the course of the daily spiritual practice, during meals, when the person is in the toilet, and also during a sexual intercourse – if the person is insufficiently protected and without a reliably blocked illusory part at these moments.

In each of these cases, the best thing to do for the person is to stop whatever he is doing and to start forgiving his illusory part, and even more than that – to forgive all of its collaborators, helpers and instigators, and also the creators of all of them with 'The 3-Step Forgiveness.'

The more the person forgives as soon as he has felt such interference or a little later, at the earliest convenience, the more his illusory part will be reduced until it stops interfering with him. This is the job that the person himself needs to do. He himself has nourished and increased his illusory part; now, he must also reduce it and melt it until it disappears completely so that he can get free from its harmful influence over him!

I AM Presence of the One