Q & A 119

Recommendations about speech

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 5 January 2018


Question: Dear Father One, would you give us recommendations about speech? Sometimes a person makes a mistake in his word either unintentionally or due to a lack of knowledge, or because the illusion has set up a trap for him/her, even if he tries to be careful about what he says. What should a person pay more attention to?

Answer: If a person wants to improve his speech, he should strengthen the self-control over the words he says so that they are truthful. Because the more karmically pure a person becomes, the more the Creative Power of his Word becomes stronger.

And if someone around you says something wrong, without much thinking about what he says, when it would be better to be silent, you need to be awake and to avoid being misled by that statement and repeat it and confirm it. Otherwise, the person supports the illusion with his own Word, strengthens it and karmically burdens himself.

If a person happens to make a mistake in this way and realises that he has sinned through his words, it is best to immediately, as soon as practical, repent before Me and ask Me to cancel his wrong words and eliminate their harmful result 100 %. (See Q&A 115.)

From now on, you should be careful what you say on any occasion because just one word of yours may change the reality of the illusory world you live in, and your reality may become different from the intention in My Predestination, including for you!

For this reason, it is better to take extraordinary measures when you feel that it is difficult for you to be faultless in your speech and remain in silence most of the time. Also, once a day, at the end of the day to carry out the Spiritual Practice 'Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 Steps for the cancellation of illusory words and elimination of their harmful effect' as a preventive measure to correct as you go your wrong words and harmful programmes that you eventually create yourself with these words, before they manifest themselves, even if you are uncertain whether you have sinned that day in your words or not.

Furthermore, from now on, whoever you talk to, if you decide to say something, to make a statement on any topic, it is absolutely necessary to say at the end:

'If such is the Lord's Will' – as the shortest version suitable for everyone,

or 'If such is the Lord's Holy Will',

and whenever possible, it is best to use both formulas:

'And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!

You should stop saying anything that is unnecessary in the Word, and also speak at the wrong moment to the wrong person or people, i.e. focus your attention on whether you are telling the right thing at the right time to the right person!

Regarding your work in Spirituality, you must work off your silence and during ministry to say only the words of the ministry, and to cease any other words, also to stop your thoughts, which lead you to something illusory.

And when you talk to your close people, do it so that Divine Love flows between you and you exchange it.

I AM Presence of the One