Q & A 74

Collaborators, helpers and instigators

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 7 January 2018


Question: My question is in connection with the question and answer 'Reduction of the illusory part' published on 6 January 2018 on the UNIFICATION website. What is the difference between the following categories: collaborators, helpers and instigators of the illusory part of a person, and also the creators of all of them?

Answer: I am always very glad when you ask Me questions about the Teaching that has already been given to you in the form of an answer to a question of yours.

In order to be successful in its work, i.e. to reach and get access to a person’s Divine energy which happens when the person is trapped and incited to sin and karmically burden him/herself, his/her illusory part is given help from the outside. Each time the help is provided by entities of a different kind and order that are representatives of different levels of the hierarchy of any of the networks of the illusion, including directly or indirectly of the creator of the corresponding network of the illusion.

1. The collaborators are representatives of any network of the illusion that are constantly attached to the illusory part of a particular person. They have specialised in helping it to mislead that person to sin most easily and efficiently. That means they have studied in detail the weaknesses of the person; this is where he has already created negative karma, or where it may be easier to tempt him to sin and create new karma on the same ray or some of the other major rays.

In the Christian religion, this is very well depicted as the devil standing on the left side of the man, whispering in his ear, alluring and tempting him to sin. On the right side of the man stands the angel who advises him how to preserve his purity and to live in observance of My Law and the Commandments I have given you to remain Alive and Positively Fruitful in the Light network.

Because, when coming into incarnation, every person who was born with a Living and Light Soul is allocated a Master on the subtle plane from the Hierarchy of Light who helps him to grow up spiritually and tries to protect him from the traps set on his Path by the forces of the illusion.

2. The helpers are entities that can also be from any network of the illusion. They are requested to help only at specific moments in order to strengthen the energy pressure on a person. That happens when he is already tired of the constant pressure of his illusory part and its collaborators over him, and when that person is very close to deciding to commit a sin and to do it, without remembering at that moment to summon for help the whole Heavens, all the Angels of Protection, Archangel Michael and also all the Ascended Beings of Light who wish to join and help him to remain pure!

3. The instigators are entities which are specialised in directly provoking a person to prove that he can do something that is sinful, thus 'highlighting' himself in front of the surrounding people or proving that he is like them so that they accept him.

Instigators may mock the man that he can’t do something like the other people who sin by doing exactly the same thing. For this purpose, instigators use people from that person’s environment. For example, a young person may be mocked for not having drunk alcohol or smoked cigarettes yet, etc.

Therefore, when one says the words of the 'Forgiveness in 3 steps,' it is best to say the first step in the following way:

'Lord, I ........ (the name)
1) forgive my illusory part / the illusory part of ........ (the name of another person or people),
2) I forgive all its / their collaborators, helpers, and instigators,
3) I forgive any other entities
blue-dotwith any other harmful functions against me,
blue-dotregardless of the network of the illusion they belong to,
blue-dotregardless of the number of grades and consecutive levels they belong to,
4) and I also forgive the creators of all of them (from 1 to 3)!
I forgive them with all my heart and soul all the harm that they have caused me so far, the harm they are causing me at this moment, and all the harmful things they may possibly decide to cause me in the future!'

The addition in the first step of the 'Forgiveness in 3 steps' that I have given you now could be of great help to you in the future if you choose to use it and say it when you forgive something to someone. In this way, you could reach all those who received some of your energy each time you did something sinful. If you first repent to Me with the 'Repentance in 3 steps' and then forgive them all, your energy loss will be recovered with interest to the extent which is possible to obtain, according to the degree of your repentance toward Me and the forgiveness that you give to all those who have harmed you or are trying to do it.

It is best to repent to Me for everything you have sinned in all times, which so far was allowing the forces of the illusion to provoke you to sin again and again. The pressure on you can be stopped before you come to the point to commit the sin, after your sincere repentance before Me and your sincere forgiveness for all the harmful things that could be caused to you at that moment by your or someone else’s illusory part and all the forces of the illusion, which also seek to get some of your energy.

I AM Presence of the One bless you, my dear children, to be successful whenever you decide to preserve yourself karmically clean and keep your energy by doing what I have just taught you.