Q & A 76

100% into the Light Network

Questions asked in Russian at the end of December 2017 and their answers given by Presence of the One on 9 January 2018


The questions refer to question and answer 'Recovering after an energy intervention' published on the UNIFICATION website on 9 July 2017.


Question 1: What does it mean for a person to be 100% into the Light Network?

Answer: That means he doesn’t change the network, i.e. he is only and exclusively in the Light Network, without passing into the network of the darkness for a sufficiently long period of time. For example, if a person is only into the Light Network for a month without changing the network even once, it is said that he is 100% into the Light Network throughout the month.

If during that time anyone from whichever network of the illusion hurts him and he preserves his balance, his damage is restored from Above with interest with energy from that network of the illusion which the one who caused him harm belongs to.

If during the month a person happens to change the network for instance once in a week, or once every two or three weeks, and he enters the network of the darkness even though for a short time, such a person is said to be predominantly in the network of Light.


Question 2: Are there such people who are 100% into the Light Network?

Answer: From the above information you can understand that it is quite possible that there are such people on the planet, and they do exist. Otherwise, the humankind would cease to exist due to the high level of contamination which it has reached at the moment. It is impossible to have a perfect person into incarnation in these times because in order to come and remain incarnated, he automatically absorbs from the karma of the whole humankind and from the karma of the people around him, after which he stops being perfect.


Question 3: What will happen if someone isn’t 100% in a specific network, but he manages to preserve his balance?

Answer: I AM Presence of the One give a Teaching only to those people whose Souls are Alive and primary Light in their origin, and who are in the Light Network continuously, predominantly, quite often or sometimes, but who are aspired and wish to be in the Light Network more and more often or even forever in the future. For this reason, I would answer the third question if it is worded a little differently:

What will happen if a person who is predominantly or quite often into the Light Network, but at the moment when a representative from any of the networks causes him something harmful, he is in the network of the darkness and remains calm?

Answer: If at that point the person is in the network of the darkness, there is a lack of possibility to recover his damage because he has already committed some kind of sin and for that reason, he is in the network of the darkness at that moment and has karmically burdened himself. But if the person remains calm when something bad happens to him, that can help him very much, especially if he can accept the situation without condemnation, he has gratitude towards Me, repents before Me for all that he has sinned, asks Me to forgive him and to give him help and again thanks Me for the forgiveness and the help*, then he passes into the Light Network again. The damage caused to him can possibly be recovered gradually in time if the person remains in the Light Network, works well both in materiality and in spirituality, and thus creates good karma for himself. This good karma is used immediately for his recovery, and that lasts until he recovers completely.

I AM Presence of the One



* See The Spiritual Practice 'Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 Steps'.