Guidance from the Most Holy Mother of God on 13 January 2018

Dear children of Light, I am so glad that the Father One gave me the opportunity to tell you something important.

What I want to tell you today is that you need to stop immediately and once and for all being annoyed at what your close ones, friends, relatives, colleagues, clients, politicians and heads of state or anyone else are doing! Also, you should stop being irritated with each other because in all these cases the source of the irritation is always external and illusory, and someone from one of the networks of the illusion is behind it.

When you feel that outside energy that puts you in annoyance, condemnation or anger, you need to stop immediately whatever you are doing at the moment, remain alone for a few minutes, and then:
1) repent to the Father with Repentance in 3 steps;
2) forgive all of them with Forgiveness in 3 steps;
3) thank the Father One.

That is your salvation in these situations.

While doing this spiritual practice from (1) to (3), the negative energy will be completely transformed, and it will take you much less time to recover completely than if you do anything else. This is the safest and quickest way to come to yourself!

I AM the Most Holy Mother of God, with most gentle Love to you and your Living and Light Souls.