Q & A 78

The key to achieving karmic purity
How to realise that we are doing something sinful

Questions written in Polish and received on the UNIFICATION website on 23 December 2017 and their answers given by Presence of the One on 20 January 2018


Question 1: Is it correct from the Lord's point of view to assume that the key to achieving a certain degree of karmic purity is the realisation of one’s own mistakes, illusory deeds / illusory behaviour since then one can direct his Repentance in the three steps towards the Lord and forgive those who have harmed him through the Forgiveness in the three steps?

Answer: In general, there are two ways to transform the negative karmic records and to achieve even greater karmic purity.

Karmic records, whose time to be worked off has come, emerge to the surface and open up – they become active. That means that at such a moment a person experiences a heavier negative event or a series of lesser accidents. All of these, whatever they are, are actually the greatest good for him, as the person cleans his karma in that way.

This is the first way to work off the karma – through suffering. It happens to the person when he or she is less spiritually conscious or without any awareness of what is actually happening to him and for what reason he is suffering.
blue-dotIf such a person accepts his suffering and says 'that evil is probably for good,' he transforms most of his negative karma more easily.
blue-dotIn case the person starts to resent that others are well and he feels unwell, that is a direct condemnation of God – his Higher I AM Presence, with whose consent the process of working off the karma proceeds, and with whom it has been coordinated in advance what is best to happen to that person so that more karma is worked off with relatively little damage. In each individual situation, it is considered very carefully what is the least evil for him. And if, with all this care, the person is annoyed when something 'bad' happens to him, then the process of working off his old negative karma stops, and at the same moment, he creates new negative karma – towards God.
blue-dotAnd if the person begins to blame the Lord and to insult the whole Heavens, then not only does he suffer, but also his suffering proves to be useless because in that situation there is a lack of anything worked off, even the smallest part of his negative karma for which the time has come to be worked off. Even worse, he is burdened with new negative karma, which is quite hard and of great size – karma towards the Lord.

The second major way to work off the negative karma is when the person is sufficiently conscious to understand when something bad happens to him that a process of working off some of his negative karma has started, for which the time has come to be transformed at exactly that moment, and he may free himself of it. And he also realises that the greater the amount of his own negative karma package of the exact type he can work off exactly at that moment when it is active for working off, the better it will be for him afterwards.

Because after a certain amount of time, when the next time comes suitable for exactly that kind of karma to be worked off, it will be much easier for him and through a very small negative event he will be able to transform it completely.

When the person follows the Teaching which is given to you now and has been given to you in one form or another in all times so far, then, when something bad happens to him, he knows what the best thing is to do right away, at the first convenient opportunity when he remains alone:
1. To repent humbly and with all his heart and Soul before Me – the Father One, for all sins from all times through the Repentance in 3 steps
2. To use the Forgiveness in the three steps to forgive with all his heart and Soul everybody who has influenced him harmfully in all times until he commits the sin, and has led him into all these sins. In this case, the person should forgive the illusory parts of all the people who have caused him harm, their collaborators, helpers, and instigators, as well as all the other entities from whichever networks of the illusion that have influenced him harmfully in any way; the person should also forgive the creators of all of them.
3. With all his heart and Soul, warmly and with Joy to thank Me for the karmic cleansing that has begun within him at that moment.

The most important thing, in that case, is for the person to do all these – the Repentance, the Forgiveness and the Gratitude, very quickly, in the beginning, when the slightest problems start happening to him. Then, I AM Presence of the Father One transform his negative karma by using the energy of his repentance, forgiveness and gratitude and multiplying it to the degree that corresponds to the power of his aspiration and the purity of the feelings he puts into the repenting, forgiving and thanking. This multiplication may happen to be big enough to transform the whole package of negative karma of a certain type, which that person has accumulated in all his incarnations so far, including the one he is currently into.

In this second basic way of karmic transmutation, the key to achieving a certain level of karmic purity is indeed the awareness of one's own mistakes and illusory behaviour. The awareness of all that is the key, but you are the ones who have to put that key in the lock, roll it, open the door and pass the door sill to find yourself at the next level of karmic purity.

It is of little importance for the person to know what, how and when he has sinned exactly because his soul may be in dismay when learning what he has created. What is most important is that the person realises that if something bad happens to him at that moment, he has sinned somehow, or a close person of his has sinned, and he has undertaken to work off his own or some other kind of karma at that time – family karma, kin karma, his nation’s karma, the whole humankind’s karma or some other*. It is very important that the person accepts all that is happening with gratitude to Me and with the most sincere repentance.

When it comes to working off personal karma, in most cases, what happens to people is exactly what or something similar to what they have caused, or they are causing to others now.

When something bad happens to those who read the Teaching that is now given to you through Rositsa Avela on the pages of the UNIFICATION website and who have acceptance and are grateful for what they read, they immediately realise that this is because they have committed some sin themselves or somehow they have got sins from others for working off.

When a person has accepted this Knowledge within himself, he is awake and his Higher I AM Presence helps him to realise when he is wrong immediately, exactly on the spot or a little later, and when something bad happens to him, the person’s Higher I AM Presence also helps him to realise that he or someone else did something wrong in the past. This gives him the opportunity to repent, to forgive and to thank Me immediately. Then, his karma – the newly created or the karma from the past – immediately transforms with the greatest ease and almost without harm – with the lowest degree of harmfulness to the person.

When that person performs spiritual practices every day or whenever he has the opportunity to do so, even if it is not every day, and directs the energy from doing them to help the planet Earth and the Living Life on it, that creates good karma for him. That good karma is mainly used to transform the type of negative karma, which has the greatest volume and weight, during the transformation of which that person can suffer the most.

If the person regularly and qualitatively performs his spiritual practice and gives Me his Gratitude, his Divine Love and has enough good karma, his negative karma could be transformed on the move, without any harm happening to him and without him realising at all that simultaneously the process of transformation of his negative karma is running – personal or somebody else’s karma that he has taken.


Question 2: What is the best thing a person could do from the Lord's point of view to be able to realise that he is doing something wrong? Because it often happens so that we do not realise that.

Answer: This is also a very good question since it is very important that a person stops committing sins in his current incarnation and only cleanses old negative karma without accumulating new one.

It is best for the person to turn to Me – Presence of the One, and to his Higher I AM Presence, that is to the Lord and to God, and to demand, sincerely wish and ask that help from Above be given to him so that every time before he commits a sin, he realises that he is about to commit it. This is inner spiritual work for every person. And then always to listen to his inner voice – the voice of his Higher I AM Presence, through which I AM Presence of the One speak to him and help him, the inner voice which stops him from making wrong decisions in life.

And in order to feel that something is wrong, one must first know that it is wrong; that is to be with Knowledge – to have accepted the Teaching that is given to you. It is necessary to accept and follow My Commandments and the Laws I have given to you precisely for that purpose – to know what is wrong so that you protect yourself from doing it and be karmically pure.

I AM Presence of the One



* See the question and answer 'When does a person take foreign karma' published on 14 August 2017.