Q & A 79

When asking a personal question, it is good to leave some contact details so that the answer could be sent back

A question written in Polish received on the UNIFICATION website on 1 January 2018 and its answer given by Presence of the One on 21 January 2018


Question: What happens when a person’s mouth suddenly gets dry and lacks saliva, even though the person is well hydrated. I am asking this question as I noticed that when my mouth suddenly gets dry without any reason, that is always related to an interference of the forces of the illusion within me. Thank You, Lord, for the answer.

Answer: This question should be sent from the page Guidance, where personal questions about the spiritual growth of the person may be asked. And then, an email or a phone number for contact should be left so that the person who has asked the question can get the answer because the dryness of each person's mouth can be due to something different. There are many reasons why dry mouth may occur. This question requires an individual answer if contact details are provided.

I AM Presence of the One