Q & A 81

Coming into and going out of incarnation

A question and its answer given by Presence of the One on 21 January 2018


Question: Can the illusory part of a man come into incarnation on its own?

Answer: This is impossible.

The illusory part is, in fact, energy, negative energy, Divine energy that has been distorted by the man when he did something wrong and which remained in his energy field. The presence of this distorted Divine Energy then interferes with a man at key moments, as it is directed harmfully for the man by the so-called collaborators, helpers, and instigators* of the illusory part.

When the man exits from incarnation, the physical body ceases to exist. What remains is the Soul, i.e. the three lower subtle bodies – the astral, mental and etheric, with their energy constituent. These bodies may be filled by both the positive energy of the good karma and the energy of the negative karma, the latter being the illusory part of the man.

The Soul strives, after the end of the incarnation, to merge with the Spirit of the man – with his Higher I AM Presence, but this can only happen when his negative karma is transformed 100% or almost entirely 100%, and the Soul is composed only of The Divine Energy of the Good Karma. That is the moment of the Ascension, of entering Heaven, after which the Soul is without the need to be reborn anymore, that is to come into incarnation in a new material body.

In most cases, however, only the energy of the good karma goes and merges with the Higher I AM Presence in the Higher octaves of Light, and the Soul with the energy of the negative karma, that is with the Ego or the so-called illusory part, remains to wait to descend into the material world in a new incarnation. And this repeats again and again. That continues:

1. until the negative karma is completely transformed and the man succeeds to cleanse himself karmically and ascends, and his illusory part is completely reduced into the Light of his Ascension and ceases to exist

2. or until a man becomes so karmically burdened in each consecutive incarnation, and due to that energy contamination, his chakras begin to close one after the other, and He ceases to conduct the Divine Light – the energy that the Higher I AM Presence gives him so that he can continue to exist.

The process described in point 2 continues until the time when the pre-allocated amount of energy for that person's incarnation is finished. That energy consists of part of the energy of his good karma from all his previous incarnations, precisely determined according to the tasks that man has committed to accomplish in his current incarnation. The goal of all these tasks is his karmic cleansing and reduction of his illusory part.

Sometimes, however, the man ignores the fulfilment of these tasks, and instead of transforming his old negative karma from previous incarnations and subsequently opening of his chakras, closed from birth, one by one, he chooses to create new negative karma constantly. Thus, more and more of his chakras close until a point is reached when in order for his physical body to continue to exist, he becomes what people call energy vampire. That is a person who lives entirely at the expense of the energy of his close people, the people he meets during the day, and the souls he meets in the lower astral layers during his sleep when both he and the other people are sleeping.

When the person pollutes himself, and burdens himself karmically so much, that all of his chakras are closed, his Soul remains without energy supply from his Higher I AM Presence and dies. Normally, in such cases, the material body of the person also dies, which also ends the series of incarnations. But unlike the Ascension, in that case, the matrix of the Soul – the three lower bodies, hopelessly distorted by this man's fall, go to meltdown. This is the meaning of your expression that the soul of the sinful person goes to hell. And that is eternal and irrevocable.

In some cases, however, if at the moment of the closing of the last chakra, an astral disembodied entity, which was stuck between the dimensions, neither ascended nor able to come into a new incarnation, that has been standing for a while around the person, waiting for exactly that moment, immediately enters the man's subtle bodies, then the body of the person remains 'alive', but his soul is dead, and the entity that possessed that body begins to live in it. Such a man is a very powerful energy vampire, and the relatives of the dead soul continue to take care of him and feed him with their energy, on whose expense he lives.

The relatives begin to notice differences in the person’s behaviour because even though the dead soul is imitated, the disembodied entity has access only to some of the records of the person in whose body it has entered – only to the more recent records that have remained in the astral and the mental bodies of the person. And it is without access to the deep records in his etheric body. So, when the person is asked about something further back in time, he says that he has forgotten, that he does not remember, or if he answers, the answer is made up and far from the truth.

In such cases of possession, if the disembodied entity enters the body of a person who was ill in bed, and cared for by his relatives, it is very likely that he will live longer than them after having drained in advance all their vital energy which was allotted for their incarnation. The only salvation for the relatives of such a possessed dead soul is to realise on time that they are losing a lot of energy, feeling bad and without power whenever they contact this 'close person' and send him to a home for sick or elderly people; or if he is healthy and young, to send him to live in another place and to stop communicating with him almost 100%. The people who know them should be without condemnation to them for their choice because this is the right choice from the Lord’s and God’s point of view in this particular case.

I AM Presence of the One



* See the Q&A 74 'Collaborators, helpers and instigators'.