Q & A 84

An important recommendation about performing a longer ministry

A question sent from Spain and its answer given by Presence of the One on 23 January 2018


Question: When a person decides to make a longer ministry in which to include invocations, prayers, the Meditation for the Earth, etc., how is it best to do it from the Lord’s point of view?

Answer: It would be good to do at least one, or even better, a few quality ministries weekly, being alone in nature. Then a person could spend more time and make a longer ministry in which to include
blue-dotdoing the Meditation for the Earth – that's very good!
blue-dotviewing all the Messages-Pictures published on the UNIFICATION website, and everything else he wants.
blue-dotresiding in Joy!
blue-dotdrinking plenty of water during the whole ministry.
blue-dotsending the energy from the ministry to his causal body several times, separately for each part of the ministry.

The last one is an important recommendation of Mine to all My Living children of Light!

When a person decides to make a longer ministry and includes in it various Spiritual practices, such as invocations, prayers, blessings, Meditation for the Earth, viewing the Messages-Pictures, reading Questions and Answers from the Teaching part, Messages, Guidance..., it is best after each of these parts to send the energy from that part of his ministry to his causal body by uttering the invocation given to you by Buddha Vairochana. And only then to continue with the next Spiritual practice.

In that way, the person will avoid keeping in his four lower bodies a greater amount of energy for a longer time, which could attract to him different entities from different networks of the illusion that would hinder the further performance of the ministry and also his walk after the end of the ministry. Because their goal is the person to be irritated somehow or something unpleasant to happen to him so that they can take away all the energy of the ministry accumulated so far.

I AM Presence of the One