Q & A 85

The Difference Between the Spiritual Practices
of the Twelve Bows and the Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in Seven Steps

A question sent from Spain and its answer given by Presence of the One on 23 January 2018


Question: Which of the two Spiritual practices is more effective – the Spiritual practice of the Twelve bows or the Forgiveness in the three steps?

Answer: Both are very effective and are quite different Spiritual practices!

Through the 'Spiritual Practice of the Twelve Bows', general repentance to Me is performed for everything sinned in all times. When done qualitatively, negative karma is transformed from the total volume of the negative karma from all lower bodies of the person. That means that what is transformed is:
blue-dothis own negative karma that he has;
blue-dotthe national and the whole human karma, a part of which that person has taken;
blue-dota part of the negative karma, which that person has taken from the common negative karma of all the people in the religion he professes and to which he belongs.

This process of karmic transformation and cleansing takes place little by little every day when this so important Spiritual practice is performed.

The 'Spiritual Practice of Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 Steps' is performed only in precisely defined cases of harmfulness which has already occurred or is happening at the moment or in the future – if something harmful is likely to happen, but only during the day which is just beginning.

Then a person repents for a specific type of negative karma which he has and which has been activated to be worked off at that moment in his life, and because of that someone from the illusion has got access to him, has the possibility of acting harmfully against him and is doing it. The person forgives those who have acted against him harmfully so far and those who are currently acting harmfully against him for something specific in a particular way, as well as those who eventually decide to continue their harmful impact on him in the future.

It is best to do this second Spiritual practice:
blue-dotas soon as the person feels that some harmful interference over him begins;
blue-dotas soon as he knows that something harmful has happened to him;
blue-dotand always before leaving home and before something happened to him!

I AM Presence of the One