Q & A 86

Return to the Light Network

A question received on the UNIFICATION website in Polish on 5 January 2018 and its answer given by Presence of the One on 24 January 2018


Question: I think that the Father One is the Father of all networks. Hence, my question: Can a representative of the network of the darkness, performing the practice of forgiveness, also get back the energy taken away by a representative of another network of the illusion? If he does the practice often, is it possible to change his network to the network of light? Thank You, Lord, for the answer.

Answer: The question begins with a totally incorrect statement. I AM Presence of the One declare to be the Father of the creators of the networks of the illusion, but not of these networks.

I AM have created everything with My primary Word and Light.

Then some of My children, who had reached a high level of perfection, darted to create their own worlds populated with beings created by them. And because they were doing it without My permission and Blessing and without My supervision, because they became proud and extolled themselves, and intended to compare themselves with Me, I let them manifest their free will to the end, until their creation lacking perfection acquired monstrous features and magnitudes, and their karma squeezed them so much that they become aware, repent, learn and come back to me as My children of Light, as I have created them, and as are all the other Creators of worlds to whom I AM Presence of the One have delegated authority to do that.

This is the case with your Heavenly Father – Lord Alpha, who under My supervision and with the help of his Elohims and many other Beings of Light, created your wonderful galaxy with the Living Life in it and built the Light network. And then some of his children felt ready to be creators like their Father and created some other networks of the illusion with their illusory creatures in your galaxy. As they had become proud, the energy they were using for creation was already distorted and polluted by their fall, for ignoring their Father, rejecting Him, and deciding to pretend that they were Him, and thus, neglecting and rejecting Me – the Father One.

This is how the network of the darkness originated in your galaxy with its creatures, as well as some other networks of the illusion with their creatures; they all needed energy to exist because they were without access to the energy of the Heavenly Father of this galaxy Lord Alpha, and without access to My energy, which flows through the whole Universe created by Me, pours all over it, and every Living Being has access to it.

To be able to exist, these illusory creatures began to tempt and seduce the human race created in My image and likeness, having Free Will to decide about its own life – whether to live in observance of My Commandments and Laws or to sin. Thus, many human Souls burdened themselves karmically and changed their network – they moved into the network of the darkness and are staying there. This will last until they wish to return to the Light.

As I have already told you, this Teaching is given only to those people, who have Alive Souls through which the Fire of the Divine Light streams and flows into the material world, even if they have temporarily passed into the network of the darkness, and even when this temporary passage into the network of the darkness lasts throughout their current incarnation or during a whole series of incarnations.

Such souls, who are in the network of the darkness, always have the opportunity to return to the network of Light if they wish so. This is the first and most important thing they have to do – to express their Free Will that they wish to return forever and 100% into the network of Light.

Then, they need to turn to Me – the Father One, or to their Heavenly Father Lord Alpha, to demand, sincerely wish and ask to be given help from Above until they pass into the network of Light completely.

The third very important thing they need to do every day, or even several times a day if they have such possibility, is to perform the following with all their heart and soul, with great zeal and with Faith in Me:

1. The Spiritual practice '12 Bows' for general repentance towards Me for everything sinned in all incarnations in all times;

2. The Spiritual Practice 'Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 steps', which consists of three parts:

2.1 The Repentance towards Me in the three steps for everything sinned that comes out for working off throughout that day (24-hour period);

2.2 The Forgiveness in the three steps to anyone who has incited them at any time to sin so that they burden themselves karmically, find themselves in the network of the darkness and create the karma which is available for working off during that day (in which this Spiritual Practice is performed).

2.3 Gratitude towards Me – the Father One.

When they repent, it is necessary to do it really, that is, to feel that they have sinned and to repent before Me for everything sinned so that they themselves feel their repentance.

When they forgive, they need to do it sincerely so that they themselves feel they really forgive.

When they thank Me, they need to do it by feeling how their gratitude to Me fills them, and then, they will send it to Me.

Now, I will explain to you the meaning of your Gratitude towards Me – Presence of the One:

'Thank You, Lord, for yesterday, today and tomorrow!' – a person thanks for everything in all times.

'Thank You, Lord, for all that is happening!' i.e. here and now – a person thanks for the ongoing karmic working-off, which is the greatest Good for each and every one.

'Thank You, Lord, for everything now, forever and in all times!'

That 'everything' for which you thank Me in general is:
- for the Help I give you;
- for the Great Mercies you receive from Me;
- for the Gifts I Give you;
- for the Blessings with which I Bless you;
- for the energy with which I feed your subtle bodies – to be healthy, etc.

Thus, I have given you to say:

'I Thank You, Lord, for EVERYTHING now!'

Because, apart from all mentioned above, I purify you, nourish you, pardon you, forgive you, teach you, Love you and rejoice in you, that is, I AM do everything that every parent does for his children. If you have such a strong parental Love, maternal and paternal, to your children, can you ever imagine My Love to you – how great, strong and comprehensive it is?

And do you think I would refuse to help one of My children who is so strongly beloved by Me, who has sinned and decided to turn towards the Light again and return to the network of Light, return Home? All the Beings of Light from the Hierarchy of Light, with the greatest Joy and with songs praising Me, immediately become involved in helping this Soul in every possible way which is permissible by My Law, as long as that man withstands the pressure on him by the forces of the illusion, who want him to remain in the network of the darkness as their eternal energy donor.

And the help from Above continues to be given to him, as long as the man remains on the Path and continues his progress towards the Light, showered by it more and more, while he is walking and advancing along the Path, and on the way he cleanses himself from all negative karmic deposits and becomes lighter and lighter again.

I AM Presence of the One Bless you, my dear children of Light, who have Living Souls which are entangled in the network of the darkness, to wish to return to the network of Light, and to do that successfully and very quickly by taking advantage of the shortened times which are running now!

I AM Presence of the One