Q & A 82

Dead souls and the new network of the illusion

A question received in Polish on the UNIFICATION website on 6 January 2018 and its answer given by Presence of the One on 28 January 2018


Question: Can the network of the dead souls take energy from the new network of the illusion?

Answer: Such a network is beyond existence.

Any person who is a representative of any energy network – the Light Network, the network of darkness, or some other networks of the illusion which are regulated by the Karmic Law – may become a person with a dead soul, if he burdens himself karmically so much that all his chakras (energy centres) close.

You have already been told that the new network of the illusion that has appeared on this planet due to the great karmic burden of the whole humankind, is something very dangerous for every Living human soul. It is out of the Karmic Law, and its representatives are beyond the definition of Living Life, which has already been given to you. The energy that the representatives of the new network of the illusion take away from any representative of any energy network regulated by the Karmic Law, as well as the energy that they take away directly from the planet Earth, is without the possibility to be returned in any way from their energy network. All the energy that is taken away by them is irrevocably lost for those from whom it has been seized.

That is why you have been given the Five Rules-Guidelines on the protection of Purity, as something of utmost importance for every Living human soul, for every person who wants to keep his soul Alive from now on and in the times that come –times of more and more intensive karmic cleansing until the stage of complete karmic cleansing.

I AM Presence of the One