Q & A 88

With or without a wedding ceremony

Questions that came to the UNIFICATION website on 8 January 2018, and their answers given by Presence of the One on 12 February 2018


Question 1: How does it happen so that children are born from one network or another (the Network of Light or the network of the darkness) to parents who have married or have not married in a church?

Answer: During the wedding in any religion, a new, common aura is created – a protective energy cover around the spouses, which bonds them additionally, even when they are at a distance from each other, regardless of what the distance is, and gives additional protection to them, their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc.

Such a family aura can be built and placed on the newly-married couple even without performing the ceremony for creating a new family by an ordained priest, but only if:

1. there is a lack of such possibility for some reason (for instance as in the answer to question 2) and

2. when the two newlyweds – a man and a woman, comply with the following 6 requirements:

1) they have Living Light Souls;
2) they have Divine Love for each other;
3) they wish to unite in God and before the Lord in a sacred union and become a family – a single whole, while they are in this incarnation of theirs on this Earth;
4) they say their desire out loud, being at a clean place – outside the domes of the human settlements and the roads – in nature, under the sun or the stars, and make a promise to each other to be together in everything that happens to them, to look after each other and after their children with tenderness, to help and support each other on their common path from that point. And they need to thank Me for everything!
5) warmly and with all their heart and Soul to thank Me – Presence of the One, their Higher I AM Presences, that is to thank the Lord and the God, and also all the Ascended Beings of Light from the Higher octaves of Light who participate and are present at this sacred moment and are their witnesses in the Heavens.
6) they are in My Law – observe it in their life.

When children are conceived without such additional protection for the parents (a common aura), it is much easier for a Soul to come into incarnation when it is very heavily burdened with karma and because of that is in the network of the darkness, or for an entity that is a representative of one of the networks of the illusion, and that's exactly what happens. Even if the two parents have Light Souls, if they are without this additional protection given by the common family aura, the Light Soul, who was chosen from Above to come into incarnation through them, is brutally pushed and replaced by a representative of one of the networks of the illusion and returns back to the Higher octaves without being able to incarnate at that time.


Question 2: Personally, I do doubt that my parents got married in a church, but you are telling me that I am a Light being?

Answer: You are a Light being because:
1) both of your parents are Beings of Light;
2) their life is moral, that means, it is in My Law, and
3) at the time when they became a family, there were problems with going to church and making weddings – the socialist regime was indirectly castigating and sanctioning that. And when the law of man exists, whether written or unwritten, it must be observed. For a person to observe My Law – the Law of the Lord, he must first live in observance of human laws, being embodied in a human material body. And if something bad is to happen due to the violation of the human law, then I AM Presence of the One Father intervene, and as an exception, in this case, I accept that virtually there was a wedding when the two young ones:

1) are Beings of Light;
2) have Divine Love for each other and
3) are in My Law – they observe it in their lives,
blue-dotafter they become a family in the face of human law,
blue-dotthey are being married from Above – on the subtle plane,
blue-dotand they are given a common family aura!

That was the case with these parents we are talking about, and many other parents in those years.

I AM Presence of the One


Q & A 106

Addition to Q & A 88

A question sent in Russian to the UNIFICATION website on 10 March 2018, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 15 March 2018

Question: Dear Father One, in Q&A 88, point 5) says to thank '...all the Ascended Beings of Light from the Higher octaves of Light who participate and are present at this sacred moment and are their witnesses in the Heavens.' What is the difference between 'participating' and 'being present' in this case during the wedding?

Answer: When a new common family aura is given from Above to two persons – a man and a woman, who want to become a family and pledge to each other* before the Lord, in nature, without the presence of any clergymen on the material plane during the wedding ceremony which is carried out only on the subtle plane – in the Higher octaves of Light, there are Ascended Beings of Light who are participating and those who are only present. So, there is a significant difference between the two words, which is the following:

The Ascended Beings of Light from the Higher octaves of Light who participate in the wedding ritual are those who create/make/spin the common family aura, including that Higher Ascended Being of Light who puts it on the newlyweds with the help of other Ascended Beings of Light.

There are also Ascended Beings of Light who are present as witnesses before the Lord and are around.

At this ritual there are participants, and there are also Ascended Beings of Light who are just present.

The newlyweds who wish to pledge to each other and become a family before the Lord, under the stars, in nature, are given a Permission from Above to do so – to bond into a family through their Higher I AM Presences in the Higher etheric octaves, due to their purity and because they are Living Light Souls and have the strongest and most pure Divine Love towards each other. Then the entire wedding ritual is carried out on the subtle plane above them only by the Beings of Light. Some of them participate, and others are just present.

For example, the Souls of their deceased loved ones, from the kin of the man and from the kin of the woman, who are Light Souls, may be present. They have especially arrived to attend their wedding, for example, their beloved grandparents, they rejoice and bless them. This is such a wonderful moment!

I AM Presence of the One



* To be faithful to each other until death separates them, and to live in Joy, Peace and Divine Love to each other, to respect and care for each other, etc., and to convey these virtues to their children as well.