Q & A 90

The Fortune Loaf or Fortune Pastry for the New Year's Eve

A question sent to the UNIFICATION website on 4 January 2018, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 14 February 2018


A question with regards to Q & A 70 The 3rd addition on the subject 'Coin in the Christmas Eve Loaf':

Question: If someone failed to make such a loaf on 24 December, may he do it on 31 December?

Answer: One may do so, but that will be something completely different, and it is called 'Fortune Loaf or Fortune Pastry for the New Year's Eve', which has quite another useful effect and purpose.


Question: What is the useful effect and purpose of the New Year's Fortune Loaf or Fortune Pastry, which many people do on 31 December?

Answer: The New Year's Fortune Loaf or Fortune Pastry gives people an opportunity on the last day of the old year to think about the Good they would like to happen to them in the new year. To think about what they need in materiality and what in terms of their spiritual development. Everyone may write down fortune wishes, even more than one, for both their own, the needs of their fellow-friends, who may win this fortune and for the needs of the whole family.

It would be best every member of the family or the household to give some fortunes for this ritual bread*. Everyone should think carefully and write down his wishes. Parents write down the fortune wishes for the youngest children, but children who speak can be asked what they wish for themselves and for their loved ones.

It would be good either if one of the parents invoke for everyone or if the children are big enough everyone to invoke himself:
blue-dotFirst to invoke Archangel Michael and the Guardian Angels to protect people and surrounding space from illusory entities while the fortune wishes are thought up and written down.
blue-dotSecond, to block the action of the own illusory part with an invocation and the parent to say the invocation for his/her young children.
blue-dotThird, to invoke the Higher I AM Presence for help in choosing the fortune wishes so that they give a good fruit into the network Light and they are pleasing the God**.

Then the fortune wishes are personally handwritten on pieces of paper and given to the person making the loaf or the pastry to put them in it.

Always at the end of the fortune wishes, it is necessary to add the Word-formula for giving up the free Will of the person in the hands of the Lord:

'And may all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!'

And the Word-Formula for the universal Unification:



After the beginning of the New Year, regardless of whether immediately after midnight, at night or on the morning of 1 of January, when all members of the family or the household wake up, the person who made the loaf or the pastry:

1. Thanks Me for the Mercy everyone to receive from His Higher I AM Presence the urge to choose the piece with the fortune wish that is most needed at that moment of life and is the best from Lord's point of view for him.

2. Then rotates the pan with the loaf or pastry 3 times clockwise and

3. Invites the head of the family first to choose and take a piece of the loaf or pastry, which has been cut into as many pieces as the number of people living in that house.***

After everyone gets his piece, he reads what has fallen to him and thank Me. The everybody reads aloud what has fallen to him, and all joyfully thank Me.

Then, that fortune wish is placed under the pillow in the pillowcase and that way the person sleeps over it for the whole year.

The more often that person remembers during the rest of the year to thank Me with all his heart and Soul for the fortune wish that has fallen to him in the New Year's loaf or pastry, the sooner he gets the chance that his fortune wish will manifest itself completely at the right moment in his life if and whenever that is the best for him from My point of view.

I AM Presence of the One



* Originally, in the old days, the fortune wishes were put in a ritual loaf bread, and later on, people started to put the fortune wishes in a pastry.
The fortune wishes were spoken up beforehand without writing, they were memorised, and for each fortune wish there was a unique tip of a cornel tree twig put into the loaf and people remembered which tip corresponded to a certain fortune wish.

** God-pleasant or Pleasant for the God – that means someone or something that is good from God’s point of view, i.e. in accordance with the Plans of the Higher I AM Presence and approved by him.

*** When guests are invited to the holiday, if they wish, they can also take part in the writing of the fortune wishes and then have a piece with a fortune wish for them.