Q & A 92

How to deal with a child who ...

A question sent to the UNIFICATION website on 9 January 2018, and its answer given by Presence of the One on 16 February 2018


Question: What is the right way from the Lord's point of view, to deal with a 16-year-old child who refuses and does not wish to live in compliance with the Lord's Commandments and Laws?

His actions and mistakes cause him trouble and problems, he realises it, but too late. He is without respect, love and responsibility.

What should his mother do when she does not see a solution, and whatever she does is like hitting herself in a wall?

The child cannot cope, refuses to take care of his duties – studying and helping at home. He cares only about himself and acts only for himself. On top of that, he believes the care he gets is care owed to him. He is without gratitude and without realising the difficult situation we are in.

Thank You.

Answer: The mother should turn to Me – Presence of the One, for Help and every day:

1. She should do the 'Spiritual practice of the Twelve Bows' for general repentance.

2. She needs to decide what other commitment she can make to Me – Presence of the One, so that I AM can help the karmic cleansing of that child's soul and his conversion to God. It is best to be such a commitment that her heart suggests, for instance, it may be different every day, even if it is doing only one bow, it should be done with all her heart! Then she needs to know that everything that happens to her child is for his good, to accept that calmly and thank Me!

3. Besides that, she should assume an obligation to do something additional every day, whatever she decides, so that she is given help from Above, and before she starts to do it, to invoke Me with the following invocation for help:

Lord, I .................... (the first name) invite, sincerely wish and ask for Help from Above to be given to me and to all the other parents who have Living and Light Souls, and our children were born after 2000, when from 2001 until 2014 the 13 Energy Portals were opened in succession, because of which many souls came on the Earth into incarnation, who are either extremely heavily burdened with karma or were entities directly embodied from one of the networks of the illusion.
Help us, Lord, to endure the test that you have sent us with dignity and to successfully manage their upbringing by learning to remain calm and harmonious throughout the day, whatever they may bring to us, and to preserve the precious Divine energy that is given to us to endure all this time while we are cleansing ourselves karmically when our children are unwilling to work or have bad behaviour or are without Divine Love and respect for us and the other Living Light people and generally for the Living Life on this planet.
I understand that this is their essence.
And I thank You, Lord, for the help and for Your Great Mercy to me and all the other parents who are in a similar situation to mine that You have decided to carry out our karmic cleansing in that way in these times of universal karmic cleansing!
For Your help to us – whatever You decide it to be in Your Great Mercy, I dedicate to You, Lord, ..........................
(say what kind of work in spirituality or materiality will be done, for example, one may say that he devotes all his work at home while doing the chores, or at his workplace so that this help is given to these parents and all the other parents who are in a similar situation.)
May all be according to Your Holy Will, Lord!
Thank You, Lord, for the help, with all my heart and soul!
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Remember what the Beloved Guan Yin told you in her Message on 27 August 2011, in paragraph 33:

'In this way, when thinking how to do good to other Living human beings, through a single ministry dedicated to helping a close person, you can do a much greater good for many more Light souls. And while you are trying to help them feel well, what do you think will happen to your own problems? I'll tell you – they will be transformed in the lightest way, almost without you realising how this has happened. Thus, you will always be positive, naturally and by itself, without the need to try to be such!'

4. Finally, it would be very good for the mother to perform the Spiritual Practice of 'Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 Steps' by saying it with all her heart and soul:
4.1. In 'The Repentance in the three steps' she should repent for all transgressions and violations of the Lord's Commandments and Laws in all times, in all her incarnations so far, including these from the present incarnation that led to the conception and birth of such a child.
4.2. In 'The Forgiveness in the three steps' she should forgive with all her heart and soul to this child – to his illusory part, but also to her own illusory part, and all their collaborators, helpers and instigators, and also any other illusory entities from any network of the illusion, everything harmful – past, present and future.
4.3. And she should Joyfully thank Me by using the 'Words of Gratitude to the Father One'.

5. Let the mother do the 4 things which I recommended to her for 12 months, with all her heart, and then write again to the UNIFICATION website how her child behaves.

These recommendations of Mine may also benefit other parents who wish to help themselves and their close people who are in a similar situation.

I AM Presence of the One