Q & A 93

Addition on the topic of Question and answer 77
'Are there any entities from the network of the darkness who have specialised for me?'

Questions sent to the UNIFICATION website on 14 January 2018, and their answers given by Presence of the One on 17 February 2018


In connection with Q&A 77 – 'Are there any entities from the network of the darkness who have specialised for me?', several questions arose.

Question 1: Who gives the tasks to these 'forces that are influencing us'?

Answer: I have already told you to stop dealing with questions related to the hierarchy in the network of the darkness or in any other network of the illusion.


Question 2: Is that influence performed only through people? Or do they have another way of manifestation and influence as well?

Answer: The entities from any network of the illusion can influence people both directly from the subtle plane and through a representative of theirs who is embodied in the physical plane, i.e. through another person. Or perhaps through a group of people.


Question 3: If that 'force that is influencing us' completes its task, does this mean that the person has failed?

Answer: The two statements are unrelated as even the greatest failure of any Living person who is in the Light Network can become his greatest victory if someone from any network of the illusion hurts him, and he forgives him and performs the Spiritual Practice 'Repentance, Forgiveness and Gratitude in 7 Steps' with high quality, with all his heart and soul!


Question 4: If the 'force that is influencing us' fails, does this mean that the person has succeeded?

Answer: That statement is not always true because many times the harmful influence of a representative of the illusion has failed as a result of interference from the outside (third party) when the person sees that he is unable to cope on his own and asks for Help from Above to be given to him. Sometimes, even if the person is without the intention of asking God or anyone in the Heavens from the Hierarchy of Light for help, but he has enough good karma, his Higher I AM Presence or his Master on the subtle plane from the Hierarchy of Light can take action to rescue him, either personally or by asking other Beings of Light from the Hierarchy of Light to help.

Then the person gets away with the imminent danger without even realising there was one.


Question 5: Is it possible that the wrong choices made by a person have been planned in advance in his destiny so that he makes them in order to learn from them and stop repeating them? If that is so – what, which and where is the sin then?

I have read that mistakes are inexistent... that there are only Lessons and Teachers. But... is this really so?

Answer: Such a thing as any person’s mistake planned in advance, at any time, is inexistent. Every Living person is given Free Will to choose what to do at any moment. And when he chooses to sin and creates negative karma to himself, working it off afterwards is the lesson for him:
1) The person learns of Humility, that is, to repent and accept everything that happens to him as due since he is in debt to the Lord from the moment he broke some of the Lord's Commandments and Laws.
2) He learns to forgive.
3) He learns of Gratitude – as he is given the opportunity by working off that karma to advance along the Path to God. And to decide to stop committing sins anymore, and to do so.

If the person fails to learn, the lesson is repeated again and again, and that takes as much time as needed.

I AM Presence of the Father One am patient, and my Patience is boundless, as is my Love to each Living and Light human Soul who is in incarnation on the planet Earth and wishes to evolve!

I AM Presence of the One