Q & A 94

Thracians and Jews

Similar questions sent to the UNIFICATION website at different times by different people, some of which on 16 January 2018, and their answers given by Presence of the One on 18 February 2018


Question 1: In the book of Kings where David defeated Goliath from the Getae kin of the Philistines, is this a reference to the same Getae who lived on our (Bulgarian) lands and are believed to have been part of the Thracian tribes?

Answer: Yes


Question 2: Is it true that the Getae are part of the Thracian tribes?

Answer: Yes, they are part of the Thracian tribes.


Question 3: What was the reason for the numerous battles between the two nations – Jews and Thracians (Philistines)?

Answer: Because the Jewish people sinned.


I AM Presence of the One


To be continued with the other questions and answers on the subject.


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