Q & A 95

Thracians and Jews
Part 2

Similar questions sent to the UNIFICATION website at different times by different people on the subject 'Thracians and Jews', and their answers given by Presence of the One on 18 February 2018


Question 1: When, during the reign of King David, the Jews conquered the city of Jerusalem, they took it from a Thracian tribe – is this a true statement?

Answer: Yes, it is true.


Question 2: Is it true that when the Jews, contrary to what they were told by Presence of the One through Moses, refused to settle in the desert and attacked and gradually began to conquer the fertile lands along the Mediterranean coast, they met Thracian population there?

Answer: Yes, it is true.


Question 3: Do the Jewish people still have karma from this aggression?

Answer: Yes, they do. I forbade them to fight and take away the land from the native people! Apart from having karma towards this nation, which I Love, they also have karma towards Me – Presence of the One, mainly because of the violation of My Commandments – to live without stealing, including the land of a fellow nation. And to live without taking human lives and without hurting in any way.

My Providence for the Jewish people was quite different, but they did not even understand how wonderful it was! As I love them as well! But they intervened in the affairs of the Thracian people. The Jews forcibly took away from the Thracians their defensive and purifying function concerning the entire planet which personally I AM Presence of the One had given to them, and I had prepared them to do it automatically, as long as they live in My Laws and in unity with the Living Life. And they (the Thracians) were doing it!

That is why it fell down on their shoulders (the Jews’) to do this work, but without being prepared for it, and to do it with constant effort. If they fail, they will disappear as a nation from the face of this planet, and they will be denied the right to incarnate on it forever, once and for all.

I AM Presence of the One


To be continued with the other questions and answers.


© Rositsa Avela

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