Q & A 97

Thracians and Jews
Part 4

Questions on the subject 'Thracians and Jews' sent to the UNIFICATION website on 16 January 2018, and their answers given by Presence of the One on 18 February 2018


Question 1: Dear Father One, what was Your Providence for the Jewish people?

Answer: They had to live in the desert to cleanse themselves karmically as long as needed until the whole nation was cleansed!

Then, in this same desert, for them would have been opened an Energy Gateway to another dimension – to another world – the World of the New Order of the 6th race – back then! And all the Jewish people led and assisted by Moses, headed by him, would have gone to the new higher energy and vibration level. Upon their arrival, I had prepared to give all the land of this new world to them. And all the people of the Jewish nation, being pure karmically and in every way, would have also automatically acquired the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Yes, I always wish and give only the best to My children who follow the Commandments I have given to them only/exclusively for their good!

But the Jews attacked the local population and, instead of getting what I had prepared for their people, they forcibly began to take away others’ land, move into others’ homes, and had the Thracian population serve them as slaves – this beloved people of mine, consisting entirely of Light Beings!


Question 2: Does this world – the world of the New Order, have some population at that moment?

Answer: Yes, all the souls who had prepared and ascended. That is why they are without coming into incarnation in your world anymore – because they are already incarnated there! And they are expecting you with greatest Divine Love. They rejoice every new Soul that has prepared and joined them.


Question 3: Is the Mayan people there – in the world of the New Order?

Answer: They are elsewhere. Because they had supreme achievements, but not supreme karmic cleansing.

I AM Presence of the One


To be continued with the other questions and answers.


© Rositsa Avela

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