Q & A 98

Thracians and Jews
Part 5

Questions on the subject 'Thracians and Jews' and their answers given by Presence of the One on 19 February 2018


Question 1: Dear Father One, what is the solution for the people of the Jews, whom you loved?

Answer: I still love them. Light Beings have been coming in incarnation among the people of this nation to help them in all times.

The best solution for this people is to generally repent before Me for everything sinned by them as a nation in all times. All the people, every person from this nation should repent without exception. And they should repent as long as necessary until they are cleansed of all the sins they have as a nation if they want to survive as a nation!

I AM Presence of the One sent to them Moses, to take them out of Egypt, to save them and help them to purify themselves karmically so that I could elevate them; I had prepared for them to inhabit the Paradise – the world of the New Order of the 6th race. And then, gradually, the Souls who were karmically cleansed enough would join them so that after the end of their incarnation, they could go there among them in their next incarnation. And that was the best option for the transition from the 5th to the 6th race.


Rositsa Avela: Lord, when You say something, it is the best, even if at the moment it seems to be the worst!

Answer: Yes, it is always so in all times! The man just needs to have Faith and to follow all that I say very accurately, precisely, promptly and with quality! This is the most important thing!

I AM Presence of the One


To be continued with the other questions and answers.


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