Q & A 100

Thracians and Proto-Bulgarians
Part 7

Questions and their answers given by Presence of the One on 3 and 4 March 2018


Question 1: Who are the proto-Bulgarians? Are they Thracians or their origin is different and what is it?

Answer: The proto-Bulgarians are something quite different from the Thracians. They are the ones who came from Peru. Their work assigned from Above was to form the Bulgarian State by merging their genes with those of the Thracians, and thus get something even better:
blue dota nation able to endure the trials of time and to preserve itself as such;
blue dota nation who would start the beginning of the 6th race with the new genetic code;
blue dota nation in which partial incarnations of higher Ascended Beings of Light could come into embodiment during all ages.

The Mission of the proto-Bulgarians was to reach the people of the Thracians and the lands where you live now, Beloved, that is the Promised Land, and here to form a State with the local Thracian population, already called Slavic. And they succeeded. They did it and accomplished their Mission!

The heirs of the proto-Bulgarians, who merged with the Thracians, received their Mission (of the Thracians) – to form and preserve the people of the 6th root race and help them get through the ages to the time of the Great Transition. They also inherited the original Mission that I gave to the Thracian people for the protection of the planet and the Living Life on it, which is now performed by every person on this planet who has a Living and Light Soul and a Thracian gene/origin, whichever part of the planet he is in, among whichever people he is born and whichever religion he professes. These people perform this Mission of theirs automatically, as they have been prepared by Me since ancient times to do so, provided that they have a certain percentage of karmic purity and a certain number of open chakras.


Question to question 1: Are there such people, Dear Father One, and how many are they?

Answer: Yes, there are. They are enough.


Question 2: Who is God Tangra from the subtle world? Did the proto-Bulgarians call You by that name, dear Father One?

Answer: Yes.


Question 3: What is the cause and the root cause for the Bulgarian Slavs (Thracians) to nod with the head for 'yes' and 'no' in the opposite way in comparison to the other Slavs and to almost the whole rest of the world?

Answer: For balance, like the left-handers.


Question 4: And how is the Bulgarian people, which has a mixed genotype between Thracians and proto-Bulgarians, different from all the other Slavic (Thracian) nations presently in existence?

Answer: Yes, it is true what you foresaw, Beloved. All present Slavic nations, that is the Thracian people – all the Thracian tribes – are the people of the 6th root race, and the Bulgarian people is the people of the 7th race, the people of the priesthood, the clergy of the 6th race, the people through whom are coming and will be coming into incarnation in the world of the New Divine Order the Higher Ascended Beings of Light from the Higher Octaves whose Mission is to be Masters of the people of the 6th race.

I AM Presence of the One


© Rositsa Avela

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